Amidst all that Lady Sylvanas Windrunner has done, there are still players who love her. Jessica Rabbit’s famous phrase “I’m not bad, I was just drawn that way” definitely does not apply to Sylvanas. To sum up Sylvanas in Shadowlands, she has defeated Bolvar and shattered the helm of domination,Continue Reading

Burning Crusade Classic

Blizzard announced Burning Crusade Classic at BlizzConline. The game was originally released in January 2007. The Burning Legion will once again threaten to invade Azeroth. Players around the world will have a chance to experience the first expansion World of Warcraft has ever had. Players can experience the fear asContinue Reading

World of Warcraft

At BlizzConline, Blizzard announced the next step in Shadowlands with a trailer. With Denathrius defeated, the maw still grows in power. Therefore, Chains of Domination will be the first major content update in Shadowlands, and players will get to see more of the Jailer’s domain. Of course, we are stillContinue Reading

Jay the Bard is a World of Warcraft musician. He has worked with other artists such as Sharm. This time is specifically notable because he works with Patty Mattson, the voice of Lady Sylvanas Windrunner to do an acoustic cover of Lament of The Highborne. Lament of the Highborne wasContinue Reading

Alexstrasza is one of the most notable characters in World of Warcraft. She has extensive lore full of love, life, and tragedy. The titans gave her pantheon powers so she could use them to defend Azeroth. She is the guardian of life, a queen of dragons appointed by the titans.Continue Reading

Farming comes in many different forms, whether it be for gold or materials to make items. With Shadowlands here already and releasing raids and more stuff for players to do, we should be considering what specs or classes to use to farm for our ultimate goals. Remember, every player isContinue Reading

What better way to celebrate it than with a power couple. I’ve always loved the story behind Rhonin and Vereesa, met on a mission and they fall in love, get married, and build a life together. Rhonin and Vereesa met when she assisted him on a mission. He was sentContinue Reading

Mage looting First Aid Bandages for Draenor Pathfinder Achievement

It can be discouraging to farm for mounts, transmogs, or battle pets only to have each week, every day met with disappointment. What if I told you not to give up that hope? That it’s closer than you think. I know the drop rates for some mounts like Invincible mayContinue Reading

I have been playing World of Warcraft for 14 years. You don’t play a game that long and not have something you love or something that just keeps you interested. In fact, the only time I have ever lost interest was during Mists of Pandaria, so much that I actuallyContinue Reading

Over time, World of Warcraft has gotten easier to play, but it still harvests challenges. You have so many addons that can help maximize your experience during the game. There are people who believe if you use specific addons, you’re lazy. Though I suppose the argument could also be “butContinue Reading