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Shadowlands is coming to retail in late 2020. With the launch of alpha many players are seeing a ton of promising features. There are improvements to the questing system, leveling overhaul, removal of titanforging, and class skills and talents are being revamped. Many of the flaws that players experienced in BfA are being resolved so that players are not getting to relevant content quicker. This also includes the addition of adding new experiences like new themes, artwork and the introduction of Covenants.

New Zones and Covenants

Five New Zones


Bastion: This is an Elysium like zone which has a very large Paladin influence. Players will meet Kyrian’s who value “service, righteousness and humility.”

Bastion Covenants

Ardenweald: This is a forest which is inhabited by the Night Fae. This seems to mirror the Emerald Dream but represents autumn and winter as opposed to spring and summer. The Night Fae are dedicated to nature, rejuvenation and preparing souls for rebirth.

Night Fae Covenants

Maldraxxus: This is a war-torn area and ruled by the Necrolords. This is an area that is home ot necromancers, abominations and those who are ultimately shaped by never ending war. This area is truly survival of the fittest.

Necrolord Covenants

Revendreth: This is a gothic realm where players will meet the Venthyr. The Venethry purge souls of apathy, greed, pride and other flaws in order to prepare those that are unworthy.

Venthyr Covenants

The Maw: Here players will find Sylvanas’s true intentions and discover who the Jailor is. This is the end-game zone that players will travel to upon reaching level 60.

Players will quest through the above zones working with each Covenant and learning about them. Once players reach the new level cap of 60 they will be able to choose one which will in turn give them new abilities, mounts, pets and transmogs. After selecting your initial Covenant subsequent characters will be able to select at level 50.

The four houses of Covenants include; Kyrian, Night Fae, Necrolord and Venthyr. Many players feel that being forced into one raid optimization is undesirable with the selection of Covenants but Blizzard has stated that they’re willing to listen to players and make adjustments to Covenants in the future.

What Covenant will you choose? Tell us in the comments below.

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