Winds of Wisdom

Blizzard heard fans cries and has extended the 100% experience buff. After Exalt the Impressive reputation buff was announced many players were disappointed that the 100% experience buff was ending and Blizzard took action to accommodate fan’s dismay.

How long will the experience buff last?

According to Blizzard they have extended this experience buff through the release of the upcoming expansion Shadowlands. This is better than any player could have expected as this will give players a few months of enhanced experience buff.

Blue Post experience buff

After the Blue Post announcement many fans screamed their words of praise for Blizzard actually listening to fan feedback on this issue. Many felt that it was needed in order to get prepared for the new expansion. Many players who are altaholics can now rejoice in the fact that all of their characters can now be max level going into the expansion.

This buff will coincide with the reputation buff. It is important to remember that the reputation buff will not last till Shadowlands. The time frame for this experience buff is still in place only lasting till May 18th so make sure that you take advantage of the reputation buff while it lasts.

Were you happy to hear about the extension of the buff? Are there any other things you think that Blizzard is missing that are key to player satisfaction? Tell us in the comments below.