Mage fishing in Orgrimmar holding a fishing pole

I remember back in Burning Crusade, I had a little fishing business going. I made a lot of gold fishing for others because so many other players didn’t want to fish on their own. It was tedious and boring for many to level up fishing. You had to have a specific fishing level to fish in specific areas.

This meant to fish for buff food for raids, you had to work on your fishing. As a non-raider, I saw where I could make some money. I would charge them to go out and farm stacks of fish, there would be extra costs depending on the area. At one time, it was very lucrative. Let’s revisit if it is still a lucrative profession you can use to make money.

Fishing in Orgrimmar

At some point, Blizzard made it so you could fish anywhere. This killed the little fishing business I had. Now you don’t need to have a high fishing skill to fish in high-level places. Having a high fishing skill helps prevent you from getting a lot of grays during fishing.

To The Point

You have a lot of players who raid or PVP, we’ve always had these kind of players but they seem to dominate the game now. Let’s look at the buff food for Famine Evaluator And Snack Table. As a non-raider, I’ll be honest with you, I looked that up based on the best food for my class during a raid. My main is a frost mage. 

The fish for this one is the Viper Fish and an Ionized Minnow. If you are like me, then you have many alts. Make sure that you go after the Viper Fish on Nazjatar, which means you will need to unlock quests to unlock the zone. The zone doesn’t take too long to unlock.

On the way to Nazjatar to farm Viper Fish


On my server, if you were to farm 200 Viper Fish, that could net you 19k gold. The Ionized Minnow is bind when picked up. This means you can not sell them, you may find them in Mechagon. So, you’d have to unlock that area. If your after fishing for money, you might not want to go after these and stick with farming the Viper Fish. We won’t go into too much detail about them since this is on whether fishing is lucrative to gold making or not

It would be better for you to skill up your fishing to the max so you have a higher chance of catching the fish. Yet, it’s not required. You can fish anywhere. The Viper Fish come from Viper pools, so it could take a little bit of time for you to locate and get the ones you need. Wowhead shows that there is a 48% of obtaining this fish, one can assume this is without the fishing pools, which is usual for any fish that can be found in pools. You have a higher chance of obtaining them from pools then without pools

Viper Fish in Auction House

Is Fishing Lucrative?

Fishing can be lucrative if you put in the time to put the effort into making it lucrative. I wouldn’t recommend the little business I used to have back in BC. People won’t want to hire someone anymore to farm the fish for them. They will either buy them in the auction house or go farm them themselves.

Viper Fish are not the only fish you can use to make money with, there are plenty of others. The type and how much they sell depends on your server and its economy. You can check the Auction House or Undermine Journal to find out what sells best on your server.

Fishing in Orgrimmar

What do you think? Is fishing lucrative or not? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!