World of Warcraft world maps

I was initially going to break down each zone to give you my most favorite information about them and my least favorite parts of them but seeing as there are so many zones it just didn’t seem possible. I got overwhelmed thinking “How can I make this possible?”

After some thought, I figured I would break down my most favorite zones. Talk to you about them, and in the future I’ll do my least favorite zones. Instead of picking something from each zone in the game to discuss, that would be a never ending article and you don’t want to read forever, right?

Hillsbrad Foothills Zone

I am a huge leveler, I have been to all of the zones at least once. I am sure many of you have as well and I don’t mean to discredit you either. One of the things I love are the zones that give off a specific feel, but also make leveling fun.

Worgen Starting Zone

My most favorite starting zone is the Worgen. It is rich with lore and seeing as I am a Victorian/Romantic Goth one of my passions is the Victorian feel of specific areas. I get that feeling in the Worgen starting zone with the music and the architecture of the buildings. This is down to the accents of the Worgens in the zone and out of it, I love it all.

Worgen Starting Zone


No article like this for me would not be complete without including Uldum. I love and am obsessed with Egyptian culture, this zone gives off the feeling of Egyptians for me. Not to mention being full of mystery, pyramids, and a mount you can find. It’s also a fun zone to quest or level in.

Ramkahen, Uldum


Moonglade is just absolutely gorgeous. It gives me a feeling of peace and serenity, with the lack of activity there it’s also a perfect place to go hide out. This works especially if you don’t want anyone seeing you although this can be harder now with the battle tags and Real ID implemented, it still doesn’t mean you can’t hide your character. I have Asperger’s and ADHD, and sometimes things that get too busy become overwhelming for me, so when I need to slow things down in game I’ll head there.

Flying over Moonglade


I love macabre and creepy things. Drustvar matches that down to the quests they offer. They have this one tea party quest that amazes me with how creepy it is. There are even a couple of Edgar Allan Poe references in the zone, seeing as he is my favorite poet this attracted my immediate attention.

Doing world quests in Drustvar

I love lore rich zones and places, I enjoy feeling like my questing is rewarding me with more than items or experience, but a story along the way. Since 95% of my time is spent questing and leveling up a character, then I pay close attention to the zones. This way I can tell someone the best zones I think would be great places if I’m asked of course.

There have been plenty of changes over World of Warcraft in the past 14 years that I have played the game, some I’ve liked others I haven’t but these zones are the ones that stood out the most to me. We all have our favorite zones, what zones are your favorites, and why? What makes these zones special?

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