Amidst all that Lady Sylvanas Windrunner has done, there are still players who love her. Jessica Rabbit’s famous phrase “I’m not bad, I was just drawn that way” definitely does not apply to Sylvanas. To sum up Sylvanas in Shadowlands, she has defeated Bolvar and shattered the helm of domination, she has captured Anduin a couple of times and this time in an upcoming patch has done something to him to control him. We aren’t sure exactly what’s going on there, but that’s beside the point.

She has betrayed the Horde and the Alliance all in one go, and we called Illidan the betrayer. However, she also used to be a hero of Azeroth. We all have heard the stories by now, especially if you’re into Lore you know what happened with her, what’s changed her. People have grown to hate her, but you still have her loyalists.

Sylvanas Windrunner

The real question is why, why is it people still love Sylvanas even after all she’s done? Today we go through some of the reasons we believe people still love her.

She’s Pretty

This sounds pretty corny, right? It really is but when you think about it people are really shallow. Sylvanas is pretty for an undead elf. Brings the question of “How could she not decay like a regular undead after all those years?” You would think she’d have some sort of decay. Either way, most people I have heard talk about her in the way of her looks have all agreed that they might even consider leaving their spouses or loved ones for Lady Sylvanas.

Sylvanas Windrunner


When we say powerful, we don’t necessarily mean with tons of magic although it is clear that she has powers and magic even if we aren’t fully sure what is going on. She is strong-willed and influential. She managed to be able to get anyone to follow her, of course, the good ones who still believed in honor backed away those people are even stronger, but still, she is powerful and strong. This is something that women like to see in a video game, a female that others will cower to.

Sylvanas Windrunner by F y mine

Old Habits Die Hard

Back before she was a banshee, Sylvanas was good. She died fighting for her people, she was a hero. Because of her, some elf mother and child survived or so it was believed, if you watch Warbringers: Sylvanas, you will see what I mean. She was a defender of her people until Arthas killed her and rose her as a banshee. Sylvanas, later on, was turned away by the Alliance because they thought she and her forsaken may have still been under Arthas’s influence. Instead, she joined the Horde.

There are people who believe that Sylvanas still has that good side to her, the side who defended her people. Is she really good or bad at this point? We have speculations of a redemption arc happening with her so you know people are paying attention to see if maybe there is some good left in her, somewhere.


I’m not going to lie here, one of the things I favor about lore is when tragedy is involved. Sylvanas has had a very tragic story. The hero falls and rises as a Banshee, faces her whole undead life going after revenge that was stolen from her by us when we killed Arthas, made a pact with the Jailer, and now we are here. She even tried to end her life before making the pact with the jailer as she no longer had purpose without revenge. Hero turned Villian sounds like the makings of a classic tragic story to me.

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Even if her ideas don’t appear to be the smartest such as can we really have true free will? Sylvanas is intelligent which is another reason people love her. I have full faith that she knows exactly what she is doing, she may have been planning this all along. She has lived for a very long time and has learned quite a bit, as such, we should not underestimate her.

These are just some of the reasons I could think of or gather as to why people still love Lady Sylvanas Windrunner today even after all she has done. Tell us, do you still love Lady Sylvanas? if so, why?