We have seen a lot of changes since Sylvanas became warchief, that of Tyrande is among those changes. We have watched her become filled with hatred and a taste for revenge towards Sylvanas for what she’s done. But what is the cost? Tyrande has become a Night Warrior, no longer the moon priestess we once saw her as.

Once you go to a place of vengeance and act on that fact, you will be changed forever. What exactly is going on her with Tyrande? We don’t have a set answer, so we can only speculate. With that said I’ll add a disclaimer: This article will contain spoilers, however, some of it will be based on pure speculation of the writer.

Tyrande finally had a chance to face off with Sylvanas. Everything she’s craved since the World Tree burned to the ground. Sylvanas only did that to kill the hope of the Night Elves, though it appears there was a deeper reasoning behind it, but we won’t get into that today as that’s an article for another day. Today, is all about Tyrande and speculation on what’s happening with her.

The Night Warrior

Tyrande was upset that Anduin could not spare the troops in order to take Darkshore back from The Horde, so she decided to take it upon herself to do so. Tyrande’s ship was attacked and she left a book behind as well as her bow and the bridle for her mount. The Night Warrior was supposed to be the incarnation of Elune’s Wrath. The ritual to become this avatar known as the night warrior would be dangerous and would put you in danger if you even so much as witnessed it.


Tyrande had a condition for continuing to serve Elune. She felt that Elune stood by and did nothing during the War of the Thorns, so she said that she would only continue to serve Elune if she granted justice to Tyrande. The priestess survived the ritual and became the avatar of Elune’s Fury, the Night Warrior. She blamed herself for the burning of Teldrassil because she allowed Saurfang to live, though I assume she didn’t realize that Saurfang did not agree with what Sylvanas had done.

Mercy is Over

Blaming herself, she swore that the time for mercy is over. She refused to sign a treaty with the Horde, unless Sylvanas was dead. Two former Kaldorei who were raised undead blamed Tyrande and Elune for abandoning them, while Tyrande was trying to convince them not to give into the darkness. She lost her efforts there and they declared their allegiance to the forsaken.

So What Happened?

We watched Tyrande face off with Nathanos, and she was victorious. We watched her finally come to face to face with Sylvanas. It looked like she was winning, but then her powers faded off a little bit. There are a couple things in mind here: Elune either didn’t want Tyrande to die…in any sense, or Tyrande is full of vengeance. She is not after Sylvanas for justice, but instead revenge and vengeance. Those can not be mixed with justice and should never be confused with one another.

Here’s what I think: Once you kill someone for vengeance you are lost forever. Elune doesn’t want to lose Tyrande either to death or to herself. Elune could be denying Tyrande her victory now and taking back some of her fury and powers, in an attempt to save Tyrande from herself. Maybe the path to becoming a night warrior isn’t just dangerous to get there, but dangerous during the time of being a Night Warrior.

What do you think? Why do you think Tyrande is losing some of her strength?