Due to the Dragonflight announcements, it may appear that Wrathion is going to play a huge role in the upcoming expansion. One of few black dragons that are uncorrupt. He plays a huge role in helping us to defeat N’zoth. Though others at first did try to hold him accountable for his father’s sins, he would refuse to accept that.

After Deathwing’s death is also one of the last known black dragons alive. We do know as per Ion Hazzikostas that there are other black dragons alive, though it is presumed that there are not many. Wrathion claimed to have seen a future where Azeroth will fall, so he helped both the Alliance and Horde gain powers in the form of legendary items.

Wrathion is both devoted and ruthless in pursuing his goals for the greater good. He believes that being the last black dragon, the titan’s mandate to protect Azeroth now falls to him. Though, we know now that he is not the last black dragon. He has taken charge of what was once entrusted to Deathwing and will do whatever it takes to fulfill that charge.

Wrathion’s Relationship With Deathwing

You hear Wrathion refer to Deathwing as his father, however, Deathwing is actually his grandfather. His father is not known or at least has not been revealed yet. He was purified and hatched during the war against Deathwing. Wrathion made sure to see that Deathwing and every other black dragon would die.

Assassination Attempt

The Red Dragonflight attempted to assassinate Wrathion, but he survived. That is when he said that he would not be held accountable for the sins of his father and that he would create his own destiny. After that, he disappeared. He traveled to Pandaria and created his own organization, where he also gifted players a legendary cloak.

Failed Plan

Wrathion always seems to choose the side he feels is winning or has a better chance of winning. He created a plan where King Varian would dismantle the Horde, but that plan failed when the late king made peace with Vol’jin. Wrathion’s primary ambition is to safeguard and protect Azeroth.


Wrathion started studying and searching for a way to fight the madness that had corrupted the black dragons. Wrathion offered his assistance in defeating N’zoth, who was responsible for Deathwing’s corruption. He would create something that would help champions resist the influence of the old gods. After they defeated the old god, Wrathion made a vow that the Dragonflight would stand in defense of Azeroth.

Rheastrasza searched for a way to purify the black Dragonflight all through the Badlands. She even hired a group of mercenaries, captured the black dragon, and forced her to lay eggs for the experiments. Rheastrasza managed to succeed by using a black whelp corpse, an ancient titan device, a wild black dragon egg, and Nyxondra’s egg. Black dragon agents were after the egg and eventually killed Rheastrasza but she was able to succeed in creating an uncorrupted purified black dragon.

There is a lot of speculation surrounding Wrathion in Dragonflight, and personally, that is one of the stories I hope we get to find out more about and whether or not he will become the leader of the black dragons. Where do you think Dragonflight will take him?