World of Warcraft has been around since 2004. It’s hit the Guinness book of world records for some negative as well as positive things, such as having the most subscribers at one time. I don’t mean they don’t still have that, I mean they don’t, but more like they had the most subscribers at the same time.

We have a new expansion on the horizon that is currently in Alpha. With anything though, there are pros and cons. Even now, as some older players leave the game and newer players start the game there are still going to be pros and cons.

These pros and cons are not factual, but that of the opinion of myself as the writer behind this piece. Think about your pros and cons while you read this piece.

Pro: The Community

The community is a great community and you can make some really good friends in the process. They have dungeon finders, guilds, etc., and other means of communicating with other players to build upon like-minded friendships. This can in turn become lifelong friends if you allow it to do so.

Pro: Storyline

Honestly, you hear a lot of mixed reviews about the storyline, some hate it…others love it. I am among the ones who consider this a pro as I do enjoy the storyline. I like the direction that Shadowlands took and am now curious as to what direction Dragonflight will take us. One of the other things rather enjoyable is the novels giving you a bit more insight into the story behind the game as well.

Con: Toxicity

Every community has a toxic community, specifically the PVP community. However, it would appear this might be dying down with Blizzard’s new social contract we all have to sign. I know someone who was suspended for 3 days for telling someone they sucked in a battleground. Regardless, the toxic side of the community is a major con.

Con: Subscription Based

A major con is having to still pay monthly when so many other games are free to play. Sure, you can pay with your gold, but in the end, the game is still subscription-based. There are other ways they can make money without subscriptions or making it a pay-to-win module, like continuing to sell transmogs, expansions, or wow tokens.

Every game has its pros and cons list. However, the cons don’t stop World of Warcraft from being as popular or as good as it is. They keep drudging through and work to learn from their mistakes. What are your pros and cons of world of warcraft?