WoW Classic Instance

As with retail and with classic botting has become a problem amongst the entire industry. In an effort to combat this exploitative behavior Blizzard will be implementing changes to their settings on all WoW classic realms by limiting instances. This will hopefully avoid automated gameplay. Players will be limited toContinue Reading

Leeroy Jenkins

Leeroy Jenkins is perhaps the longest standing joke in World of Warcraft and is officially 15 years old. The original video features a group of World of Warcraft players as they prepare for a boss in Upper Black Rock Spire but are interrupted as one of their raid members screamsContinue Reading


Holly Longdale announced in March that she was leaving EverQuest and EverQuest II franchise. She was at the helm of these games for many years and what is further surprising is that she announced her departure to join Blizzard and work on WoW Classic. Longdale had been hinting for theContinue Reading

Covenants Plate Armor

Shadowlands is coming to retail in late 2020. With the launch of alpha many players are seeing a ton of promising features. There are improvements to the questing system, leveling overhaul, removal of titanforging, and class skills and talents are being revamped. Many of the flaws that players experienced inContinue Reading

Scarlet Crusade Commander

With the return of the Scarlet Brotherhood, they are distributing false news. Shadowlands is beginning to plant seeds throughout Azeroth and The Scarlet Brotherhood has returned yet again with a new strategy. They are distributing fake news. This isn’t the first time players have seen the return of The ScarletContinue Reading


This week’s hotfixes will nerf Ny’alotha pretty significantly as well as one minor fix in Classic. Ny’alotha, the Waking City Blizzard has added a reduction in health by 8% for Drest’agath on Mythic difficulty. The boss Il’gynoth will see Organs and Bloods’ health reduced by 5% across the board. DamageContinue Reading

Winds of Wisdom

Blizzard heard fans cries and has extended the 100% experience buff. After Exalt the Impressive reputation buff was announced many players were disappointed that the 100% experience buff was ending and Blizzard took action to accommodate fan’s dismay. How long will the experience buff last? According to Blizzard they haveContinue Reading