Alpha testing has begun for Dragonflight. More like the first phase begins. The initial focus of the alpha testing will be the new zone, race, and class, the new feature of dragon riding, including some new user interface updates. You can also look at the talent revamps for Death Knight,Continue Reading


We have all been anticipating and waiting for an announcement on a Dragonflights pre-order or even a release date. The release date is on or before December 31, 2022. The expected release date for Dragonflight is not quite in time for Christmas, but maybe a late Christmas present for yourselfContinue Reading

World of Warcraft

A Korean webzine interviewed Ion Hazzikostas about the Dragonflight expansion. So far we have not learned about any of the major bosses. The expansion is based on exploration above all else. We will even learn about the origins of the Dracthyr and increased flexibility in the process. Dragonflight is intendingContinue Reading