Medivh is the last guardian of Tirisfal. His mother was Aegwynn, who was a great and powerful mage. He also brought the orcs into the world, opened a path for the demons. His name means Keeper of secrets in Thalassian. The guardians of tirisfal are an ancient line of protectorsContinue Reading


Amidst all that Lady Sylvanas Windrunner has done, there are still players who love her. Jessica Rabbit’s famous phrase “I’m not bad, I was just drawn that way” definitely does not apply to Sylvanas. To sum up Sylvanas in Shadowlands, she has defeated Bolvar and shattered the helm of domination,Continue Reading

Alexstrasza is one of the most notable characters in World of Warcraft. She has extensive lore full of love, life, and tragedy. The titans gave her pantheon powers so she could use them to defend Azeroth. She is the guardian of life, a queen of dragons appointed by the titans.Continue Reading

What better way to celebrate it than with a power couple. I’ve always loved the story behind Rhonin and Vereesa, met on a mission and they fall in love, get married, and build a life together. Rhonin and Vereesa met when she assisted him on a mission. He was sentContinue Reading

We have all questioned what Lady Sylvanas’s intentions were since the last expansion, maybe some of you have even questioned it since Legion after some of the moves she even made then. In Shadowlands, it seems her true intentions have become clear. Sylvanas appears to be doing this for aContinue Reading

Malfurion Stormrage is one of our dominant lore characters throughout Warcraft‘s history. He was actually the first mortal druid and the one who taught the Night elves druidism under Cenarius. Cenarius is a demigod. He is a hero to Azeroth. During the Burning Legion’s first invasion of Azeroth, he guidedContinue Reading

We have all seen the cinematics, or you would hope so. We have listened to Lady Sylvanas. Watched her grow over the years and change before our very eyes. For her entire undead life, we have seen her bend for Revenge of something. She was even robbed of vengeance whenContinue Reading

World of Warcraft world maps

I was initially going to break down each zone to give you my most favorite information about them and my least favorite parts of them but seeing as there are so many zones it just didn’t seem possible. I got overwhelmed thinking “How can I make this possible?” After someContinue Reading