Medivh is the last guardian of Tirisfal. His mother was Aegwynn, who was a great and powerful mage. He also brought the orcs into the world, opened a path for the demons. His name means Keeper of secrets in Thalassian. The guardians of tirisfal are an ancient line of protectorsContinue Reading


Bobby Kotick says Activision Blizzard’s initial response is”tone deaf“. There has been a review of internal policies and procedures. Some immediate actions will start. He thanks everyone who has come forward during these allegations. There is a promise that they will do a better job of listening. It is imperativeContinue Reading

The World of Warcraft team released an official statement. They discussed recent events including the removal of some in-game references from offending parts of the game. The team wanted to put forth some kind of statement that would represent the sentiments of the team behind World of Warcraft. The teamContinue Reading

Nathanos Blightcallers

There has been a lot of questions about Tyrande since the last cinematic we have seen from her. There has also been suspicion since a previous cinematic that Elune is the Winter Queen’s sister. The Winter Queen had been asking Elune for help it turns out, and in this cinematic,Continue Reading

Activision Blizzard

There is currently a lawsuit against Blizzard for Sexual Harassment and discrimination. The senior system designer for World of Warcraft says that there is currently no production on the game. This is due to the ongoing lawsuit. This does not benefit the players, developers, or shareholders by putting the game’sContinue Reading

We watched Sylvanas taunt Anduin and work to mold him into a weapon for the Jailer to use. Anduin resisted and fought her every step of the way. I don’t think he realized, her “choice” was never much of a choice. It was always “You can have free will, asContinue Reading

We have seen a lot of changes since Sylvanas became warchief, that of Tyrande is among those changes. We have watched her become filled with hatred and a taste for revenge towards Sylvanas for what she’s done. But what is the cost? Tyrande has become a Night Warrior, no longerContinue Reading

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Blizzard Entertainment released the major content patch 9.1, Chains of Domination today. This is the first major content update, and players will be able to go into new depths of the Jailers domain. The goal is to hopefully find out his sinister plan. We will learn about the Jailer’s newContinue Reading

Obviously, the first step of creating a guild is your charter, which you can get in almost any major city. But there is a step even before that. You should decide the type you wish to run as well as the size, if your new do what I did andContinue Reading

Ring of Transference

I am the player that will proudly say I am addicted to this game and loving it. However, occasionally I run into the major jerk. The other day, I was healing a dungeon. My main is a troll shaman on Cenarion Circle. This article will tell you about a tankContinue Reading