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Lady Sylvanas looking out after the battle of Lordaeron

Lady Sylvanas Windrunner,

Sylvanas Windrunner: What Happened?

Have you wondered what happened to Sylvanas Windrunner?

It is no secret that Sylvanas Windrunner has had it rough over the years. She is still a favorite among players, but she is also an enemy of ours as well. Some might say she did what she felt was best, others would disagree. Sylvanas says something in the trailer for Shadowlands that rings in my mind.

Lady Sylvanas

The Goal of Sylvanas

Sylvanas says, “and I will set us all free” in the trailer, so either she believes she is doing good and a hero, or she knows that she has become a villain, though many saw her as one before. The real question is where did she get her powers? How did she become so strong?

Many believed her goal might have been to become the Lich Queen and to take the frozen throne, but what she did after defeating the Lich King was tear the crown apart. She shattered it, and in turn, tore open the veil between life and death, but what led her to this moment?

Lady Sylvanas Windrunner

Edge of Night

After the Lich King’s death, she threw herself off the platform where the frozen throne sat. You can read more in detail about this happening in Edge of Night, so we won’t get into too much detail about this. It’s an interesting story. She knew that her body could not die.

The Valkyr showed her visions of who she was, had she changed? She still had a warriors heart. She had one in life and in death. Dead long ago and twisted to Arthas’s will as a Banshee. Finally, she did not want to be The Forsaken Queen anymore.

Lady Sylvanas at Battle of Lordaeron

The Ultimate Death

She was ready for the ultimate death, but was then shown by the Valkyr what would happen in her death. She made a pact, and that was the day she began the path she walked now to tear open the veil between Life and Death. The Valkyr informed her they needed someone who could loom over life and death and that as long as they lived, so should she.

When Voljin passed, it was a Loa that whispered the name of Sylvanas, but it is still a mystery as to who. It has been discovered that Sylvanas burned the tree because she needed to rack enough deaths in order to feed the Shadowlands. This way enough power could be gained to defeat Bolvar and destroy the helm of domination.

Shadowlands Trailer

Each death, Sylvanas got stronger. She also made a pact with Azshara to lead the war to her so her and N’zoth could kill them. Her ulterior motive was to kill N’zoth and then raise him as undead, imagine how much more powerful she might be to have the old god as an undead working for her?

More of her story will unfold in the next expansion, I’m sure. Are you excited? What do you think will happen and what do you think is Sylvanas’s end goal? Let us know in the comments below

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