Classic Burning Crusade

On March 27, 2020 Blizzard sent out a survey to Warcraft Players asking their feelings about releasing The Burning Crusade to Classic play. There have been mixed emotions on this topic as many players feel it would be a mistake but many players are looking forward to the potential re-release of this much loved expansion.

Blizzard sent out the survey below. The survey will give Blizzard insight on what players want the Classic experience to be like.

BC to Classic

The bigger question though is, will Blizzard release The Burning Crusade to Classic or will it remain Classic Vanilla? The idea is that if Blizzard continues to release content to Classic and they do not continue into the expansions there is a good chance that the Classic servers may die out as progression can no longer be made and may become redundant.

Some players feel that adding additional content to Classic (Classic +) will allow the player experience to continue without adding additional expansions. How much would Blizzard add however without completely changing the Classic experience as intended? This is another question we as players need to ask because the idea behind Classic was to experience World of Warcraft as it was from the beginning.

There is no announcement on whether this will happen or not but the survey definitely gives some insight on how the approach may be made. Asking players how they want the experience to continue which definitely indicates that there are plans to continue evolving classic as the original did.

What do you think about adding The Burning Crusade to Classic? How do you feel the player experience should be conducted?

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