We have all seen the cinematics, or you would hope so. We have listened to Lady Sylvanas. Watched her grow over the years and change before our very eyes. For her entire undead life, we have seen her bend for Revenge of something.

She was even robbed of vengeance when we killed Arthas. Bolvar said he always knew she would one day seize the power for herself, but nobody expected she would do what she did. She allied with the Jailer and has been trying to twist Anduin into one of her own whelps. Let’s investigate what I think her end goal might be, and why?


For those who missed previous lore, she was killed and raised as a Banshee by Arthas then forced to watch as her kingdom crumbled beneath her. The once protector of her home helped destroy it, let’s be very clear here I am talking about Sylvanas as she used to help protect her home. Is kingdom the right word? When the frozen throne cracked, she was able to break away from Arthas. She would lead the Forsaken, who were once Scourge even when she felt like ending it all.

Lady Sylvanas

The Lich King

I believe that The Jailer created The Lich King. He made Frostmourne, the helm of domination, and yes, he even made the very blade Sylvanas is trying to use to control Anduin with. So, the mastermind behind The Jailer just so happens to be the one that Sylvanas allied herself with.



Now we run into the question of why. Why would she ally herself with the creator of who we can assume would be her greatest enemy, her very own tormentor. She was robbed of her own vengeance against Arthas, only to find out that Bolvar had taken his place. She was not to happy about finding out another Lich King would take Arthas’s place, but was that really what upset her after all, there must always be a lich king.

Sylvanas Windrunner

Her End Goal

I believe that her end goal is to take down the Jailer from within. Make him think she is on his side, and then when he least expects it she will be his downfall. She probably doesn’t care what we do to her, she knows that she paved a path she can’t turn back from. Will this redeem her of her current and previous acts?

WoW-Shadowlands: Sylvanas

In the end, she will have no more reason to live once the jailer is done for. I really don’t think she will care once the Jailer is done for. Remember, after The Lich King died, if you read Sylvanas Windrunner: Edge of Night, you would see where did contemplate, even try to kill herself.

What do you think Sylvanas’s end goal is? Do you think I’m right? Let us know in the comments below.

*Author’s Disclaimer: This is a speculation article. This means that the article is based around a theory. I was inspired to write this article after watching a video about the same thing, some of the information may not be 100% canon either. Blizzard does not always reveal everything, so it’s all based on personal speculation*