Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

Crafting or Flipping a Pattern

Since Blizzard changed the requirements for leveling, you have a lot of players leveling their alts. Today, we explore how crafting may help you to level.

Something the casual player might be interested in is the Coastal Rejuvenation Potion by Alchemists.

This could potentially be a good item to sell on the AH if you play your cards right. Crafting this potion is both easy and fun to do.

The potion requires 2 Coastal Mana Potions and 2 Coastal Healing Potions. These can be purchased at the Auction House or crafted with herbalism.

Purchasing Mats

If you purchase the mats on the AH, for 5 of each of the herbs it could cost 800-900g total depending on your server. The mats could also be farmed.

Purchasing mats

Farming Mats

Farming the mats, could take as long as you want or as little as you want but cost nothing to farm those on an herbalist and you don’t have to have a specific herbalist skill to farm them either.  The herbs needed for these recipes could be located nearly anywhere in Kul Tiras or Zuldazar.

farming mats

Is it worth it?

To buy the Coastal Healing Pots or Coastal Mana Pots would cost around a total of 117 gold. The coastal rejuvenation potion costs 170g for one, so if you craft and sell in packs of 5 you would get 850g, meaning you would only lose about 30g.

If you actually purchase the herbs, this might not seem like a lot. Imagine if you take the time to farm the necessary mats?

Best Selling Time

The best time to sell these would be in the early evening hours, just after kids get home from school, or others get home from work. Find out when players are most likely to be on alts and then put some in the auction house so you can sell some to the levelers on your server.

What should you do?

You could farm the mats and choose to sell those as well, and you would get some extra gold on top of the pots if that was the way you chose to go. The benefit would be 28 extra gold by selling the herbs instead of the potions.

I would go for that 28 extra gold, after all, “that is 28 more gold than what I had before.”

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