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Older Raids That Are Still Fun

My guild loves to run old-world raids. You might be surprised at the number of people who still run them and not just for tmog gear. Some people like myself would much rather upgrade a gear piece than keep the boa gear on. You also might find a lack of MOP raids. I personally did not like them. When I decided I wanted to write about older raids, I reached out to the community for their favorites. Nobody mentioned the Mists of Pandaria raids that I saw.

Blackwing Lair is at the top of this list for me obviously. Well, I like this raid partly because even as a level 60 you still have that room that is a challenge that slows people down. The first boss offers quite a challenge to solo as well and I usually recommend having at least 2 people to do the first boss, one to mind control and one to kill ads while the mind-controlled boss kills his own eggs. Screwing up on the first boss could result in a wipe of even 40 level ’60s if you don’t do it correctly.

Blackwing Lair is ultimately challenging, for tmog lovers, there is some nice gear in there that drops. There is some gold that you can make in there as well. You can also make a decent amount of gold. As a huge dragon lover, I do enjoy the dragon bosses you get to fight in there.

Blackwing Descent

This one offers an interesting title that is temporary though I am not sure how to get it, but once again: Dragons, and the infamous elevator boss we all remember falling to our death on. At the time, I was raiding and I fell in love with this raid. I enjoyed every moment of it, so many fun memories but my favorite is dying after being squished by an elevator.

Molten Core

Pets, Tmog gear, and legendary weapon, This one is quite easy to be soloed as a level 60 but if you do it once a week you could generate a decent amount of gold and obtain some of the felcloth warlock tmog set which actually looks wicked sweet and would make some great transmog for a warlock.

Trial of the champion

Blizzard set ToTC up very nicely, it has a gauntlet style so it’s definitely one that offered a challenge for healers in its time, to see if you could do chain healing. Even now, it’s still fun and if your anything like me you won’t even have to worry


My favorite boss in there was Nightbane! still to this day if I run it, I must kill Nightbane…I cant do Kara without it, another favorite event of mine is the play event. I love this one, also if you are lucky enough you could get the big bad wolf companion off the big bad wolf event which I sold for 5000g when it dropped for me. The whole abandoned castle scene is also great and if you have time to explore, you might find a few secret doors and look at paintings on the wall for an interesting surprise.


The only boss solo that proves a challenge is beth’tilac BUT she is still soloable if done correctly like ignoring ads if you get thrown off-web kill one spider on a web and climb back up. That’s how I did it. In the end, Firelands has some of the best Tmog gear in the game, it offers achievements and mounts as well. and is quite fun generating a good 300-500g though some have reported obtaining more back, I have yet to see more than 500g in one run. 😉

Sunwell Plateau

What’s not to love about this place? For hunters, there is a nice bow that could be used as a tmog gear or as an upgrade to your current bow. All in all, not much of a challenge but still just as fun, the music is gorgeous, the scenery is pretty…and Kalecgos is there.

Dragon Soul

Transmogs, Achievements, Gold (One of the best places to farm gold), keep in mind though, Spine of Deathwing does still offer a challenge for level 60s who don’t know what they are doing or think they can just blow through it.


Tmogs, achievements, gold…I can give you an interesting fact about this place and the celestial steed. The Celestial steed was supposed to drop off the boss in here, but blizzard decided to make it purchasable instead.

Icecrown Citadel

Killing the lich king!!!!! What’s not to love? seriously though, this place is still just as challenging when trying to do the achievements by yourself, many people still run this for Shadowmourne, the most sought-after Invincible mount drops here, tmog gear looks great, and achievements. Lich king fight can still prove to be a challenge to level 60’s. I’ve seen a group of 60’s wipe because they thought they could just burn the LK. Not happening!

Let me know what older raids you run that find fun still, did you run them when you were new?

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