Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

Dragonflight: Leveling and Chromie Time Changes

Currently, you can level from 10 to 50 in any expansion using Chromie Time. However, in Dragonflight, this will change to include level 60. Blizzard says that with the pre-patch players will be able to level from 10-60 in any expansion up to Shadowlands.

The change will start to include all of the Shadowlands leveling zones in order to level up. There will be changes for veteran players, but the new player experience will remain untouched. New players will start in Exile’s Reach. After which they will be able to head to Battle for Azeroth until level 60 and then head on to Dragon Isles.

Once you reach the max level on your first character, you will be able to unlock the ability to use Chromie Time as well. You will gain access to all of its perks for your other characters. In the future Blizzard is discussing what to do when they go back into triple digits again.

The Future of WoW

Blizzard realizes that in the year 2030, they would be back into three digits and are discussing what that means and how to avoid having the same problems. There is already quite a bit of improvement over how things have been in the past. Eventually, Blizzard would like to find the perfect solution.

What If?

Blizzard has tossed around the idea of what if they didn’t add any more levels or did a level-less expansion. They also realize that levels do a lot, not just for World of Warcraft but every RPG. There is a reason they are a method that is tried and true.

Why Does Leveling Work?

Leveling is a straightforward increase in power. You get new stuff to look forward to, new talent points. If Blizzard was to say that they would drop the leveling, they would get a lot of questions. Though they admit they do keep talking about the possibility of one day dropping the leveling.

What do you think of the current leveling system in wow? How do you think you will enjoy it in Dragonflight?

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