Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

Warcraft Mobile Leaks

With an announcement looming on the horizon, you will find more leaks or datamined information. In some cases, the information can tend to be what happens as is the result of Dragonflight. Now we have some potential leaks as to what we might expect with the Warcraft mobile game.

Jason Schreier from Bloomsberg said the other day that there are two mobile titles in development. So, One of these would be modeled after Pokemon: GO. The other would be modeled after Clash of Clans. Both of those games are popular mobile titles, as a result, it might make sense to bring these two to the Warcraft universe.

Clash of Clans is a free-to-play strategy game. This game allows players to build up villages, raid other players, and defend themselves which would prove to be a fitting game or atmosphere for Warcraft. Blizzard has only stated one, however, during the financial results call it was stated there were two warcraft mobile experiences.

Blizzard’s Intent

Blizzard has never hidden their intention to develop mobile titles within its key franchises. In a 2018 BlizzCon interview, Wyatt Cheng said that the studio was working on mobile titles across all of their IPs. Mobile gaming has become the future of gaming. As such if Blizzard expects to continue to make games they will have to delve into what gamers are wanting.

Warcraft: Go

Warcraft: Go is one of the speculations that has been going around. A lot of Blizzard employees are mobile game players, and one of the popular games they seem to play is Pokemon: GO. In fact, the orc statue is a Pokestop, and staff continuously fight over who gets to control this landmark every day.

Pet Battles

Ion Hazzikostas mentioned he wanted to do more with pet battles and the lack of in-game incentives for it. This could be another reason why Blizzard could give a Warcraft: GO version.

What do you think the warcraft mobile game will be? Would you like a Pokemon: Go version of warcraft?

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