Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
Wrath of The Lich King Classic

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Wrath of The Lich King Classic Reveal

One of the most unforgettable moments we have ever had in World of Warcraft was the Lich King. We even visited the origins of The Lich King in Shadowlands. As a result, we are told Wrath of The Lich King Classic is about to become a thing sometime this year.

The classic universe started in 2008 and has since expanded, now bringing WOTLK to fruition in the classic universe. Veterans and newcomers will both be happy with the shifting features we are getting in the new classic game, for instance.

New Continent

Northrend will once become a thing. Players will begin in Borean Tundra of Howling Fjord and you will experience one of the beloved storylines in Warcraft, which first started in Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne.

Death Knights

Death knights are the first-ever hero class in World of Warcraft, and they make their presence known again. They will be available to both factions and start at level 55, however, unlike the first time they made their presence known in World of Warcraft, there are no prerequisites to creating a Death Knight.

New Profession

The inscription profession makes its way into the classic universe. This will allow players to scribe glyphs that can alter the appearance and modify the properties of spells and abilities. You will even be able to craft powerful trinkets and off-hand items.

Achievements Unlocked

Achievement hunters would be happy to know that now you can get achievements in classic. This will give players a whole new set of rewards for their accomplishments.

Dungeons & Raids

Some old dungeons you might remember from back when Lich King was new are now gracing their way back into our lives again. You can relive dungeons like Violet Hold and Culling of Stratholme. If you are a raider, you might find Naxxramas in a 10 or 25-player raid fun to revisit as it is an update of the original 40-man raid in Classic WoW.

Included with Current Subscription

The previous wow classic releases were included with your wow subscription, this one will be no stranger to that as well. This means you will not have to pay extra for it, which is a major plus.

Are you excited about Wrath of The Lich King Classic? How far do you think they will take the classic universe? Let us know in the comments below.

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