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Lady Jaina has always been honorable. She stepped aside to let the Horde take down her father when she herself didn’t agree with the decisions her father had done or what he was about to do. Jaina Proudmoore, talented and trusted as well as a very powerful sorceress, has always been about the greater good even now, even amidst her hatred for the horde she will admit when she needs them and their help.

Lady Jaina is independent and has the strength of spirit. Though others might think that she is rash and headstrong at the same time. She can read people and even identify their motives and intentions. Jaina is also willing to sacrifice herself in order to ensure the survival of her people.

Jaina respects life no matter the form and will not see anyone innocent harmed. She admires Thrall because he always performed actions. He didn’t just say he would do something, he actually did it. She admires his success in founding Durotar but resents the debate among the High Council of Lordaeron.

Life on Theramore Isle

She always welcomed visitors and offered warm lodging. There were also meals and all she would want is a story about the outside world. Her people were simple people who spent their days as farmers or fishermen. Jaina would even provide arcane assistance to visitors in exchange for information or artifacts that may help improve the lives of her people.

Advocate of Peace

Jaina has spent time being an advocate of peace, including moderating between the Horde and the Alliance. She opposed Varian Wrynn when he felt the Horde could not be trusted and would even meet with Thrall in secret. She is haunted thinking that Arthas’s descent into darkness was her fault.


Against mortal enemies, she would always be merciful. She would much rather try to capture and force a surrender than kill someone. Though she is ruthless against demons and undead and will use her spells to their potential for damage. As a mage, she prefers to remain at range staying away from her enemies.

Personality Change

After Theramore fell, her personality changed. She saw the Horde in a different way and considered them rabid animals. She was much colder and much more ruthless compared to the warmer personality from before. Granted, she is still cold towards The Horde and it caused her to leave Dalaran and the Kirin Tor.

As you can see, Jaina has grown over time. Things that she has been through shaped her and how she is today. What do you think of Jaina Proudmoore? Do you prefer her personality now or how it was before? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.