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The Burning Crsusade

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Karazhan, Medivh’s Tower

Karazhan has its own history and lore behind it. The raid is located on the ley lines in Deadwind Pass. Best known for Medivh living there and being raised there. Once Medivh was killed, the tower sealed itself off from the world. Karazhan reawakened for Burning Crusades with an evil presence in the tower.

The halls of Karazhan harbor spirits and demons, including Medivh’s presence which even after his death appears to be still alive. Karazhan is a level 70 ten-man raid instance in The Burning Crusade. There are 12 bosses and 22 different NPCs in this dangerous, vast, and ghastly tower.

Dark Riders had brought powerful and dangerous artifacts to be stored inside of Karazhan as well. Ghosts are everywhere and have taken up residence in this haunting palace. After the third invasion of the Burning Legion, Khadgar took up residence inside Kara, so he could study in an attempt to save Azeroth.

The Beginning

The beginning of Kara’s history is when an explosion carved out Deadwind Pass which weakened the fabric of reality in the region. Sataiel drained the land of life with Ulthalesh, the Deadwind Harvester. Aegwynn used Aluneth to build the tower in secret around 600 years before the first war.

Medivh’s Residence

Medivh took up residence but believed that the explosion and the construction only happened because he would arrive. Due to the location of Karazhan, the energies that coursed through sometimes warped reality in the region. Arrexis eventually arrived in Deadwind Pass to study the tower and its powers. He experimented with their warding magic outside of Karazhan in an attempt to neutralize the powers of the tower.

First War

During the first war, Medivh, Moroes, a cook named Cook, and Khadgar resided in the tower. Medivh was considered the greatest wizard of his day, however, he was possessed by Sargeras who was the destroyer of worlds. Medivh while possessed managed to open the Dark Portal and allowed the orcs to wage war on Azeroth.

The Reawakening

After Medivh was killed, the tower was sealed off from the rest of the world. The tower was later on reawakened and taken over by an evil presence. The halls would soon crawl with spirits and demons, Medivh’s presence would still be alive decades after his death.

At one time, you needed a key to get in but could also open the door with a lockpicking skill, skeleton key, or a seaforium charge. This has since been changed and can now be opened by any player.

What is your favorite part of Karazhan? Are you still running it periodically or have you stopped running it?

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