Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
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Leveling Guilds

Today we will talk about Leveling Guilds, and the pros & cons. Leveling guilds are just that. They are there to help you get from 1-60. They might help you with other things as well, such as leveling up your professions and running dungeons.

If you are a new player then I highly recommend a leveling guild or a social/casual guild. Now, a leveling guild might raid but that is not their main purpose. In fact, in my leveling guild, we do not raid. People leave us once they reach the level cap to find a raiding guild and that is okay.

If we helped them get to level 60 then our purpose for them has been served. No matter the type of guild you are in, there will always be pros & cons.


They are helpful & friendly, usually, a wide range of level players and even level 60s stick around to help the lowbies just because they like helping lowbies. I have personally found these are also the guilds with a more hands-on guild leader ensuring they have what they need to level or the help necessary.

Guild Bonding

Some of them may even have an officer dedicated strictly to this purpose. In my old guild that I used to run we had a lowbie day where the officers would run lowbies & we would break it up. Levels 10-20 would run that day with this officer. This built guild bonding, Officers and members ran together.

No clique’s

One of the main pros of a leveling guild is that you rarely see a “clique” all though you do see specific people who like to run together and will always do so when online together but they also always allow other guildies in their group when they are running something someone else can.


There are not many that I have seen. No raids, No PvP, those are the biggest ones. Level-capped toons don’t usually stick around with a promise to not raid unless they do not care about raiding or don’t mind being a pug.

So, if you are a new player or even just starting to run a guild for the first time, or maybe you just don’t want to raid or PVP, then this would be a good option for you to look at. a leveling guild can be a successful raiding guild, but it is a slim chance as the main focus of this guild is leveling.

What kind of guild are you in? Let us know in the comments below what you think of leveling guilds.

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