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We So Hordie
Warcraft Streaming Duo Lewy and Keandri

We So Hordie Stream Schedule

(all times US Mountain Time)TUESDAY: 5:30pm-8:30pm – Random Tuesday WoW shenanigans. We might be doing world quests, random BG’s, LFR, or just goofing off with mount runs… Whatever we decide to do. Always open to viewer suggestions. SATURDAY: Join Lewy for the Iron Man Challenge every Saturday morning from 9am to 12pm

And then come back from 2pm to 5pm – For more randomness and debauchery with We So Hordie 😉 You never know what we will be up to 😉 😉 Come hang out with family and BS a little.SUNDAY: Solo Classic WoW stream starting August 31 with Lewy every Sunday morning from 9am to 12pm.

Then step back in time from 2:00pm-5:00pm for FLASHBACK SUNDAY!!! Every Sunday Keandri and Lewy go back in time and run through past raids collecting mounts, pets, and transmog items if we get lucky. Every Sunday is a different expansion, so come by for some humor and conversation. Join us on either We So Hordie or WarcraftAddicts!!!!!
And follow us on Twitch and YouTube as we will be throwing in some random streams of random games here and there 😉 😉

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Small streamer, Horde enthusiast, and Warcraft lover!
I stream twice a week, Wednesday 4-630 PDT, and Thursday 4-8 PDT.

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Kharlos Gaming

Kharlos is a self confessed Warcraft Addict / Bi-factional Alt-a-holic and streams on Wednesday & Thursday night in the UK, with the occasional ‘Bonus’ streams at weekends and late-night weeknights. He can be found doing quests, in-game events, leveling his army of Alts, or the ironman challenge. There might even be some bad PvP when forced into it.

Viewers can spend their channel points to pick a Race/Class/Faction for his next stream, or force Kharlos to queue for PVP during the stream. If you want to visit Kharlos, he is a cheerful grandpa that isn’t afraid to laugh at himself and chat with viewers.

Twitch stream schedule is UK Time – Winter GMT, Summer BST (GMT+1)

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