Mon. May 29th, 2023

Activision Blizzard

Activision Blizzard CEO Says Initial Response Was “Tone Deaf”

Bobby Kotick says Activision Blizzard’s initial response is”tone deaf“. There has been a review of internal policies and procedures. Some immediate actions will start. He thanks everyone who has come forward during these allegations. There is a promise that they will do a better job of listening.

It is imperative to both acknowledge the perspectives and experiences of those mistreated. This includes respecting the feelings of mistreated people. He even apologizes for not providing the right empathy and understanding.

Players have reached out and shared their thoughts, offered suggestions, and even highlighted opportunities for Players have reached out and shared their thoughts. The community has even offered suggestions. This shows how much people care about the company. The highest priority is providing a safe and welcome environment for everyone.

We’re Heard

Bobby continues in his letter to explain that they will be working to take action. This action will hopefully take Blizzard Bobby continues in his letter to explain that they will be working to take action. This action will take Blizzard to a whole new level of compassion. He says that there is no place anywhere for mistreatment. The goal is to try to build and improve an inclusive workplace.

WilmerHale Law Firm

The law firm, WilmerHale was asked to conduct a review of Activision Blizzard’s policies and procedures. This is to ensure that they have and will continue to maintain the best practices. Stephanie Avakian will lead the WilmerHale team. She is a member of the management team at WilmerHale. She was also the Director of the United States Securities and Exchange Commissions Division of Enforcement.


Anyone who has had an experience that violates the policies or makes you uncomfortable, please file a report or reach out to Stephanie. The reports will be available to speak with people on a confidential basis. The contact information is [email protected] or 202-247-2725. The outreach is confidential and they say no retaliation is to be tolerated.

What Next

So, what’s next for Activision Blizzard? Blizzard will be taking some actions immediately such as better employee support, listening sessions, personnel changes, hiring practices, and in-game changes which we are seeing effectively immediately.

What do you think of the newfound approach from the Activision Blizzard CEO?

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