Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

World of Warcraft’s Eternity’s End

Blizzard has announced the last major update, Eternity’s end for Shadowlands. The jailer has reclaimed the essence of the arbiter as his own. Therefore, he will forge a new reality so all souls will kneel in his service. Consequently, this is the story that blizzard is finishing off with us this expansion. We will journey into Zereth Mortis, which is where the first ones forged the afterlives of the Shadowlands.

You will be able to confront primal creations and the jailers’ lieutenants. As a result, you may also unlock the secret origins of the realms of death. You can even determine the future outcome for everyone. This will be the final chapter of the Shadowlands saga.

This patch, Eternity’s End contains content and features and reveals some of the greatest mysteries of warcraft. We should be able to learn more about the story as we unravel more about Anduin and his fate. We will even unravel the fate of our current reality.

Explore The Afterlives’ Origins

We will discover the genesis of the Shadowlands in a new zone where the machine of death was first set into motion. No mortal soul has set foot in this realm, and it’s filled with ethereal ecosystems, prototypical monstrosities, and enigmatic automa.

Cypher of The First Ones

You will team up with the curious automa sidekick and learn the language of the Progenitors. Once you learn the language you will delve deeper into the secrets of Zereth Mortis and unlock new zone activities, daily quests, events, and even rewards.

Anduin and The Jailer

The age-old question has been “Will Anduin get saved?” This will be the part we should hopefully find out. You will confront Anduin and the Jailer and you will attempt to free Andruin from Domination and put an end to the Jailer’s plan. The raid this patch will have 11 bosses in it.

New Class Armor Sets

There will be a distinctive class armor set that you can collect either through raids, PVP, or even mythic + dungeons. Each set comes with some pretty powerful 2 and 4 piece set bonuses, which will be good for your unique abilities. The veiled market will be split into two sections, each will be playable as it’s own Mythic + dungeon and even available as a heroic via the dungeon finder.

There will be so much more that you will get to do this patch such as earning the trust of the Enlightened who safeguard the secrets of the Zereth Mortis. PvP Season 3 will start as well obtaining a new seasonal affix. There will be new mounts and pets, and a whole bunch more.

What are you most looking forward to in the next patch?

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