WoW on PS4

Many of us have seen players who use an adaptable software to use a controller for their PC to play the game. Data mining has revealed that World of Warcraft may be coming to PS4 and console lovers are rejoicing. At the very least we will see controller support coming to the game.

Dataminers have found code suggesting that World of Warcraft may eventually support console. They expect that the very least it is going to support utilization of controllers. Currently players that use controllers have to utilize adaptable software in order for it to function with the game.

Controller Support

Dataminer Benjamin Martins said that someone on his Discord named “Grayson” discovered the coding during data mining.

Controller Support on WoW

This has also been confirmed by Blizzard’s Community Manager Randy Jordan.

For a long time, we’ve seen a small number of players turn to 3rd party addons, such as Console Port 17, in order to work through certain accessibility issues,”

“We always want to make WoW more widely accessible, if possible, so in Shadowlands, we’re attempting to add some support for keybinds, camera, and turning character on controllers such as the Xbox Adaptive Controller.”

-Randy “Kaivax” Jordan

Players who currently utilize third-party apps won’t have to worry about utilizing them much longer and can play the game with a controller.

Suggested PS4 Release

The most interesting part found within the game code is the hint of a World of Warcraft PS4 release. However, it is also possible that these were just copy-pasted from another piece of code supporting controller utilization in another game.

Players will need to wait on confirmation of this but it is very interesting that a large company such as Blizzard. This would leave such a huge oversight within the coding.

What are your thoughts on controller support and the possible release of World of Warcraft on PS4? Tell us in the comments below.


  1. What about for Xbox?

    1. A B X Y i dont remember seeing this on a ps4 controller 😉

  2. heck yeah

  3. Blizzard has said repeatedly this is never going to console and they’ve made changes so people can play with controllers, it’s called inclusivity as not everyone has the capability to use a keyboard to play. Whoever let this be “published” sure dropped the ball, you yourself also wrote an article about Fake News Flooding and then you print this? You should be ashamed of this “piece”.

    1. Ps4 also said repeatedly they would never allow crossplay ?

  4. As a Warcraft fan, moving forward I would like to see the older Warcraft games come to console aswell. Aka reign of chaos and frozen throne

  5. I’m a world of warcraft nut and would love to see how this is on ps4 and other games such as warcraft and starcraft.. I play alot of ps4 and pc… Lets do this!!!!

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