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BlizzCon Cancelled in 2020

Blizzard made announcement that Blizzcon would not be happening this year.

Blizzard made an announcement that BlizzCon is Cancelled.

However, they will be planning an event in 2021 instead, early on.

Initially, several weeks ago there was an update that they were uncertain as to whether or not BlizzCon would happen this year. Blizzard has had many discussions about whether they should with the health and safety considerations they would want to make.

There were different paths looked at, including how each of those paths could be complicated by national and local health guidelines around that time.

There Will be no Event

After every option possible, Blizzard has decided it was best to not have a BlizzCon this year. Blizzard says that they will miss connecting with the fans at the convention.

No Blizzcon

Meeting Again

Blizzard is, however, in the process of discussing how they might be able to channel the BlizzCon spirit and connect online with fans. This could be a great way to connect without being impacted by health and safety protocols.

Blizzcon Graphic


Since BlizzCon is also where they do a lot of big esports events for Blizzard games, they are also working on a way they could still do this but online. Since these plans are new to Blizzard they hope to do this early next year.

BlizzCon 2020 Cancelled

What Next?

Blizzard would like you to enjoy the game while waiting for news. They say to enjoy Shadowlands in the meantime. We have no release date, so this leads us to believe Shadowlands may be coming out soon.


Have you ever attended BlizzCon? What do you think of Blizzard canceling the event? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

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