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Frost mage on a frostwolf snarler wearing pvp transmog gear

Frost Mage wearing Tmog gear

Farming Marks of Honor

Marks of Honors are a form of currency. How can they be spent?

Marks of Honor is a currency in World of Warcraft. You obtain these through PvP and Battlegrounds. Marks of Honor is useful in obtaining Transmog gear from PvP vendors, or mounts for the mount collectors. You can even purchase Honor Heirlooms for your alts to help level them up currently.

Rogoc, Bloodthirsty Gladiator PvP Vendor

For me, I use Marks of Honor for Transmog gear. I don’t get out much in the way of Tmog runs so I take the opportunity to run a bg or two a week and when I get 12 Marks of Honor, I drop them into one of the ensembles for a set. I have all the mounts from the War Mount Quartermaster so I don’t need the mounts from there.


You start farming Marks of Honor by pressing H on your keyboard or whatever hot key you set up to open the battleground queue screen. You tell it to enter Random Battleground. I am unsure if you will get Marks of Honor any other way, so do other options at your own risk.

Random Battleground Queue

The Wait

While you wait in queue, instead of standing around, make yourself useful. There are a ton of things you could be doing, like finishing that war campaign if you have not already. As someone who mains DPS toons, my queues are less then instant even for a battleground. Right now, my wait time is 12 minutes and while it does not seem like much, I can still make a dent in my quests by accepting or turning some in while I wait.

Turning in War Campaign quests

The Battleground

A friendly reminder is to set up your war talents. These talents will help you in the battleground with some special abilities or features only available to you in PvP settings. Once you do enough battlegrounds and earn enough Marks you will be able to purchase your transmog gear, heirloom, or one of those nifty PVP mounts you’ve been eyeing.

Cruel Gladiator’s Silk Armor Transmog Set

Gold Making

There is another aspect you should consider, while most look down upon this, I think it’s very creative. You could sell PVP and bg runs for a bit of gold. Basically, you would just spam the bg’s until the other player had what they were after. How much you charge for this is up to you, but is a creative little way of making and earning some gold in the process.

On a flight path, heading to a quest

Do you farm Marks of Honor and if so, what are you after? Transmog sets? Mounts? We would love to know what you spend yours on!

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