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Burning Crusade Classic

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Burning Crusade Classic Announced

Blizzard announced Burning Crusade Classic at BlizzConline. The game was originally released in January 2007. The Burning Legion will once again threaten to invade Azeroth. Players around the world will have a chance to experience the first expansion World of Warcraft has ever had.

Players can experience the fear as they run from the fel reavers that older players might have experienced, you can check out the swamps of Zangarmarsh and confront what is there, and even clash with the demons in the Black Temple.

Blood Elves and Draenei’s will be available as races so that you can play them again. The blood elves seek a new source of the arcane power that used to sustain them while the Draenei join the alliance as exiles from the Outlands.

The Saga

The saga will unfold over time. Content from the original game will come out in phases, so this way players do not tire too quickly. This will happen at a pace set for the WoW Classic Community. This gives you time to prepare for the opening of the raids, gear up, and even gather your allies.

Burning Crusade Classic


There will be some features coming back to the wow classic community in BC classic. You will be able to do the Arena PVP system, take up Jewelcrafting to enhance your gear, fly on mounts, and choose between Aldor or Scryers.

Choose Your Era

Players from WoW Classic will be given a chance to decide if they want to advance each of their characters to Burning Crusade or stay back in classic. This will be a relief to players who wish to stay in Classic and don’t want to advance or may want to play both.

Burning Crusade Classic
Fel Reaver


The price of WoW Burning Crusade Classic will fall in line with your current WoW subscription. This means if you pay for WoW, then you’ll get Burning Crusade Classic along with it as well.

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