world of warcraft

In the past as soon as we have had expansion reveals, then they will put up pre-orders. We would even find out what we would get for the expansions and the different pre-order bonuses or editions. Blizzard did not give us that with Dragonflight in the same way.

Pre-orders in the past would usually include immediate content for the live game. You would get mounts, pets, transmog sets, and even a character boost depending on the edition of the game you purchased.

Blizzard’s shop already has the Dragonflight banners, but we don’t see anything listed for pre-orders or purchases as of yet. Also, there have been some datamined assets that will likely be used for the pre-order bonuses including a mount and some back pieces.

Encrypted Content

There is some encrypted content found to live servers, which includes a mount, pet, and possibly some additional items. This appears similar to the deluxe edition rewards of previous expansions. The mount coding that was datamined appears to be a green dragon mount.

Mount Asset

The mount asset appears to be very large at 8.9 MB which is even larger than Shadowlands Deluxe Edition Mount. It tells us that there is a possibility it will have a higher definition from other mounts and possibly even have some effects attached to it.

Spell Effects

According to Wowhead, The spell effects we see look very green dragonlike, so it’s like they would fit a Green dragon perfectly.

Fur Effect

There is even a fur spell effect attached to whatever encrypted asset this is.

The spell itself might not be too impressive, but when you combine the effects and the spell on a mount imagine the gorgeous mount you might have. Do you think we will get a dragon mount for pre-orders? What do you think the dragon mount pre-order bonuses might be?