Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Arthas Vibes from Diablo 4 Cinematic

This article might be a little different than what you’re used to seeing from me. Today, I thought we would compare a cinematic from Diablo 4 and one from Warcraft 3. I entered the beta for Diablo 4, and as soon as I saw one of the cinematics my immediate thoughts went to Arthas.

First, allow me to share with you the Diablo cinematic. One might question how this cinematic is similar, but down to the church bells ringing, the petals falling to the way Elias looked, it felt very Arthas-like to me. Granted the rose petals held a different meaning it would seem, but yet appears to be something Blizzard does in the wake of tragedy.

Now that you have seen this cinematic, let’s go through and watch the other cinematic from Warcraft 3 that it reminds me of.

Did you watch them both and find the similarities? This is where we shall point them out.


In both cinematics you see petals fall, it seems that in the wake of tragedy, some form of petals will fall. When Arthas returned to Lordaeron, you see the petals fall and when the churchgoers attacked the priest, petals also fell. Though it would appear they are different kinds of petals, petals still fell.

Bell Ringing

In the Diablo cinematic the priest rings the church bell, and in the Arthas one the bells ring upon his return. Although one might expect church bells to ring originally, it’s interesting they included the bells ringing in both cinematics.

Elias Vs. Arthas

Elias and Arthas have a similar stance, Elias definitely gives off Death Knight vibes the way he is standing at the entrance of the church and the way his hood falls over his head just kind of screams Arthas.

There are definite Arthas vibes I am picking up from the Diablo 4 cinematic. Just a few key points that I’ve mentioned here. What are your thoughts? Do you also get Arthas vibes from the cinematics when watching them closely?

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