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Cultivate Nature’s Bounty: New Public Events in Guardians

The arrival of The Guardians of the Dream update heralds a fresh cycle of thrilling Public Events in the World of Warcraft. Superbloom takes center stage as the primary Public Event scenario within the captivating Emerald Dream, accompanied by the intricate micro-events of the Emerald Bounty. In this immersive experience, players are encouraged to wield their green thumbs, combat formidable foes, and in return, reap the coveted rewards of Emerald Dewdrops.

Nurturing the “Super” in Superbloom

Guardians of the Dream Superbloom

The Superbloom commences hourly, initiating a mesmerizing ritual led by Sprucecrown, the Ancient of Life, as he travels around Amirdrassil, the World Tree, to bring life to the surroundings. Players are called upon to assist in tasks such as watering flowers, pulling weeds, and defending against Primalists who seek to disrupt the empowering ritual.

Let the Blooms Flourish!

During the Superbloom public event, players accumulate Bloom, filling a prominent bar at the top of the screen. Bloom is earned by aiding critters and defending Sprucecrown against relentless Primalists intent on thwarting the ritual. Slaying enough Primalists summons their formidable leader, the dragonkin Marikke. Regardless of the amount of Bloom gathered, players receive a weekly reward upon completing the Superbloom through a quest presented by Clarelle, Sprucecrown’s Dryad caretaker. Those in smaller groups receive bonus Bloom, propelling them towards elevated reward tiers.

Dreaming of Dreamfruit

Guardians of the dream dreamfruit

As Sprucecrown conducts his ritual, rare and potent Dreamfruit grow on select trees. These Dreamfruit bestow extraordinary powers to aid players during the Superbloom event. Each Dreamfruit offers a unique set of blessings, ranging from combat enhancements to advancing the Superbloom to higher qualities of Bloom. Initially encountering one Dreamfruit and gaining one power, players can eventually acquire up to four Dreamfruit, each offering distinct powers, as they gain Renown with the Dream Wardens.

Superbloom Rewards

Completing the Superbloom public event rewards players with the valuable Emerald Dewdrop currency. Additionally, gear such as the Arctic Warden’s Warplate, Crystalline Tender’s Warleathers, Frigid Conservator’s Regalia, and Winter Forager’s Embrace is up for grabs. Other rewards include Dreamseeds of varying sizes, Drake Crests, Drakewatcher Manuscripts, and an increase in Reputation with the Dream Wardens.

Emerald Frenzy: Chaos Unleashed

Twice an hour, a random area in the zone becomes infused with life energies, plunging the wildlife into an Emerald Frenzy. Players must swiftly quell the frenzied creatures to earn Emerald Dewdrops. As the adversaries grow in strength, completing a bonus objective ensures extra Emerald Dewdrops, a Plump Dreamseed for the Emerald Bounty event, and Slumbering Dream Fragments

Cultivate Your Green Thumb in the Emerald Bounty

Defenders put their green thumbs to the test by nurturing a seed to maturity and reaping the subsequent rewards.

Planting Dreamseeds

Scattered across the zone are small patches of dirt. Plant Dreamseeds of any level at any time to trigger the Emerald Bounty event. The higher the level of the Dreamseed, the greater the rewards. Contribute Emerald Dewdrops or Dreamseeds as the flower grows.

While nurturing the seed, engage in activities such as chasing away critters, pulling weeds, or defeating violent lashers to earn more Emerald Dewdrops. Once the Dreamseed blossoms into a beautiful flower, contributors receive well-deserved rewards.

Emerald Bounty Rewards

The rewards vary based on the quality of the Dreamseed planted. Small Dreamseeds yield cosmetic armor, Plump Dreamseeds reward companions for the Pet collection, and Gigantic Dreamseeds offer majestic mounts. All Dreamseeds provide a chance at a Winter Night Dreamsaber and Drake Crests if enough Emerald Dewdrops were contributed.

Give yourself a green thumbs-up and join the blossoming adventure when the Guardians of the Dream content update arrives.

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