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The content update for Burning Crusade Classic, Fury of the Sunwell, launched. This also included launching the Sunwell Plateau raid. The story is that after you defeated Prince Kael’thas, he returned to Silvermoon. He told his people he would lead them to glory but instead betrayed them. Kael’thas wants toContinue Reading

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Lady Jaina has always been honorable. She stepped aside to let the Horde take down her father when she herself didn’t agree with the decisions her father had done or what he was about to do. Jaina Proudmoore, talented and trusted as well as a very powerful sorceress, has alwaysContinue Reading


With an announcement looming on the horizon, you will find more leaks or datamined information. In some cases, the information can tend to be what happens as is the result of Dragonflight. Now we have some potential leaks as to what we might expect with the Warcraft mobile game. JasonContinue Reading

We found out not too long ago that Blizzard was working on a Warcraft Mobile game. Now we have a date for the game reveal itself. The mobile game will be announced and revealed on May 3rd at 10 am PDT/1900 CEST. You can watch the reveal here. In theContinue Reading


Due to the Dragonflight announcements, it may appear that Wrathion is going to play a huge role in the upcoming expansion. One of few black dragons that are uncorrupt. He plays a huge role in helping us to defeat N’zoth. Though others at first did try to hold him accountableContinue Reading

World of Warcraft

A Korean webzine interviewed Ion Hazzikostas about the Dragonflight expansion. So far we have not learned about any of the major bosses. The expansion is based on exploration above all else. We will even learn about the origins of the Dracthyr and increased flexibility in the process. Dragonflight is intendingContinue Reading

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Activision Blizzard released its first-quarter financial results for 2022. The quarterly revenue is at $1.77 billion, which while it might seem like a lot it’s declined from previous years. There has been faltering Call of Duty sales and a lack of major Blizzard releases which could have led to theContinue Reading

Currently, you can level from 10 to 50 in any expansion using Chromie Time. However, in Dragonflight, this will change to include level 60. Blizzard says that with the pre-patch players will be able to level from 10-60 in any expansion up to Shadowlands. The change will start to includeContinue Reading

In Dragonflight expansion, Kalecgos will be getting a brand new model. He got added to the game in 2007. His characters have been updated over the years. He was the first boss in of Sunwell plateau. This was due to becoming corrupted by the dreadlord, Sathrovarr. We also saw hisContinue Reading

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Blizzard has learned that players play games differently in 2022 from how they did back in 2004 when World of Warcraft was first released. Barriers that try to dissuade activity just become annoying hurdles that players will have to overcome. This has helped to influence the design of Dragonflight asContinue Reading