Ysera is a former Dragon Aspect. She was also the leader of the Green Dragonflight. Ysera’s charge keeping watch over the Emerald Dream. Ysera, bound to the realm she descended into an endless trance. Her being in a trance, would earn her the nickname “The Dreamer”. Ysera would later fightContinue Reading

Sylvanas Windrunner

There have been some mixed reviews about whether or not Sylvanas‘s redemption was a good idea. First, let’s explore some of what she even needed redemption for. After we killed Arthas, Sylvanas was offered a deal by the jailer and his minions. Eventually, she accepted the deal. This deal wouldContinue Reading

There are a number of different ways one can have fun in World of Warcraft. That is the beauty of the game, there is no wrong or right way to play. However, when I say that I don’t mean that you can do whatever you want in a raid orContinue Reading

One of my favorite things to do in WoW is lead guilds. It is no secret, I prefer the larger social guilds with a highly active chat. However, I recognize that there are some pros and cons to small guilds as well. Guilds are a great way for you toContinue Reading

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We all know who Bolvar is by now. Bolvar Fordragon is the current Lich King, He was previously a paladin of the Alliance. Bolvar served as the Highlord and regent of Stormwind after King Varian Wrynn disappeared as Anduin was too young to be able to lead the people. WhenContinue Reading

With the announcement of Dragonflight, we figure it might be fitting to discuss the previous wow expansions prior to Shadowlands. Shadowlands is the one we are currently in right now. World of Warcraft originally released in 2004 and has continued to the path of success it remains on today. ThereContinue Reading

Sylvanas Windrunner was once a noble young elf who was selfless, loyal, and protective of those she cared about. In fact, she was fiercely protective of people. When she became Ranger-General, she took her position very seriously. Her concern for others became her downfall, she died protecting a mother andContinue Reading

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Lady Jaina has always been honorable. She stepped aside to let the Horde take down her father when she herself didn’t agree with the decisions her father had done or what he was about to do. Jaina Proudmoore, talented and trusted as well as a very powerful sorceress, has alwaysContinue Reading

One of the hardest parts of being a Guild Master is not recruiting. It’s actually disciplinary actions & deciding fair punishments. I have this saying I remind my officers of “Council before demotion, demote before removal. Now if the person is at the lowest rank in the guild, it isContinue Reading

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We have some great mounts out there, a repair mount, an auction house mount, and even a transmog mount. Each one was equally expensive for the expansion they were in, the AH mount can’t be acquired anymore, as far as I know. I am unaware if you can purchase itContinue Reading