Ysera is a former Dragon Aspect. She was also the leader of the Green Dragonflight. Ysera’s charge keeping watch over the Emerald Dream. Ysera, bound to the realm she descended into an endless trance. Her being in a trance, would earn her the nickname “The Dreamer”. Ysera would later fightContinue Reading

Katherine Proudmoore

Katherine rules House Proudmoore and used to be the Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras before she stepped down in favor of her daughter. Previously married to Daelin Proudmoore who left her a widow after Jaina stepped aside and watched the Horde kill him for his crimes against them. Daelin wroteContinue Reading

Kalecgos is the blue aspect and leader of the blue dragonflight. His mortal guise is a half-human, half-elf with blue hair. The form appeals to him because it represents a melding of two worls, just as Kalec feels that he is a blend of the worlds of dragons as wellContinue Reading


Nozdormu is the former aspect of the bronze dragonflight. He would be empowered by the titans to watch over Azeroth. Nozdormu would fight against the demons during War of the Ancients. He immersed himself in his duties, and only emerges when events require his direct presence. He did intervene inContinue Reading

Merithra is the daughter of Ysera and the leader of the Green Dragonflight. She also goes by Merithra of the Dream. During the War of the ancients, she led the green flight in the Ohn’ahran Plains and forged a pact with the matriarch of the centaur clans. It seems fittingContinue Reading

Sylvanas Windrunner

There have been some mixed reviews about whether or not Sylvanas‘s redemption was a good idea. First, let’s explore some of what she even needed redemption for. After we killed Arthas, Sylvanas was offered a deal by the jailer and his minions. Eventually, she accepted the deal. This deal wouldContinue Reading

Gnome withy a blue dragon

Dragonflight just released, and has been the talk of the game lately. There have been some speculation already as to what we may see next. For me, two of things that interest me is most is leveling and storylines. I love following storylines. We also have some spoilers, like whatContinue Reading

In Dragonflight, which will release tomorrow, we have hints as to who may be in the running to lead the Black Dragons. It is coming down to Sabellian vs. Wrathion. Some thought that Wrathion would be unoppossed but that is not the case. Wrathion killed off many of the blackContinue Reading

Many players speculated that Sylvanas was a Garrosh 2.0 even amidst claims from Blizzard that she wasn’t. After all, there were similarities in what both of them have done. The only main difference I can really think of is the end goal, Garrosh wanted the Horde to rule all ofContinue Reading

The Burning Crsusade

Karazhan has its own history and lore behind it. The raid is located on the ley lines in Deadwind Pass. Best known for Medivh living there and being raised there. Once Medivh was killed, the tower sealed itself off from the world. Karazhan reawakened for Burning Crusades with an evilContinue Reading