We watched Sylvanas taunt Anduin and work to mold him into a weapon for the Jailer to use. Anduin resisted and fought her every step of the way. I don’t think he realized, her “choice” was never much of a choice. It was always “You can have free will, asContinue Reading

We have seen a lot of changes since Sylvanas became warchief, that of Tyrande is among those changes. We have watched her become filled with hatred and a taste for revenge towards Sylvanas for what she’s done. But what is the cost? Tyrande has become a Night Warrior, no longerContinue Reading

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Blizzard Entertainment released the major content patch 9.1, Chains of Domination today. This is the first major content update, and players will be able to go into new depths of the Jailers domain. The goal is to hopefully find out his sinister plan. We will learn about the Jailer’s newContinue Reading

Obviously, the first step of creating a guild is your charter, which you can get in almost any major city. But there is a step even before that. You should decide the type you wish to run as well as the size, if your new do what I did andContinue Reading

Ring of Transference

I am the player that will proudly say I am addicted to this game and loving it. However, occasionally I run into the major jerk. The other day, I was healing a dungeon. My main is a troll shaman on Cenarion Circle. This article will tell you about a tankContinue Reading

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I’ve always been first and foremost a leveler. Though I have raided in the past with my guild and I’ve done a little PVP, usually with the help of my sister. My first thought when any new expansion gets announced is actually “What will level cap be this time?” andContinue Reading


Amidst all that Lady Sylvanas Windrunner has done, there are still players who love her. Jessica Rabbit’s famous phrase “I’m not bad, I was just drawn that way” definitely does not apply to Sylvanas. To sum up Sylvanas in Shadowlands, she has defeated Bolvar and shattered the helm of domination,Continue Reading

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At BlizzConline, Blizzard announced the next step in Shadowlands with a trailer. With Denathrius defeated, the maw still grows in power. Therefore, Chains of Domination will be the first major content update in Shadowlands, and players will get to see more of the Jailer’s domain. Of course, we are stillContinue Reading

Farming comes in many different forms, whether it be for gold or materials to make items. With Shadowlands here already and releasing raids and more stuff for players to do, we should be considering what specs or classes to use to farm for our ultimate goals. Remember, every player isContinue Reading

Over time, World of Warcraft has gotten easier to play, but it still harvests challenges. You have so many addons that can help maximize your experience during the game. There are people who believe if you use specific addons, you’re lazy. Though I suppose the argument could also be “butContinue Reading