With an announcement looming on the horizon, you will find more leaks or datamined information. In some cases, the information can tend to be what happens as is the result of Dragonflight. Now we have some potential leaks as to what we might expect with the Warcraft mobile game. JasonContinue Reading

We found out not too long ago that Blizzard was working on a Warcraft Mobile game. Now we have a date for the game reveal itself. The mobile game will be announced and revealed on May 3rd at 10 am PDT/1900 CEST. You can watch the reveal here. In theContinue Reading


Mental Illness is something that a lot of us have, but not many of us are willing to talk about or discuss. Then you have negative stigmas or stereotypes surrounding being a gamer or hear people talk all sorts of bad about playing games like World of Warcraft or theContinue Reading


There have been recent leaks and rumors that the next expansion would bring us to the Dragon Isles, which Wrathion has been looking for. The Dragon Isles are the ancestral home of the dragonkind. Dragonflight was revealed to be the ninth expansion for World of Warcraft. It is time forContinue Reading

I have been playing World of Warcraft for 14 years. You don’t play a game that long and not have something you love or something that just keeps you interested. In fact, the only time I have ever lost interest was during Mists of Pandaria, so much that I actuallyContinue Reading

The undead is also known as The Forsaken or The Undead Forsaken. They are intelligent beings who broke away from the scourge and took control of Lordaeron. Lordaeron was destroyed by Arthas Menethil during the Third War. They were led by Sylvanas Windrunner, who was the former Ranger-General of Quel’thalasContinue Reading

Front of the Alliance Case

I knew I wanted a new PC, though my old one could last me another couple of years, at least till the next World of Warcraft expansions. I build my computers to last me at least 3 wow expansions or between 5-7 years, though it’d only been a few yearsContinue Reading

Frost mage fighting

The WoW token got implemented 5 years ago. It was announced March 2, 2015, and there were many players who were unsure of it while others were excited. This would prove to become one of the smartest decisions I think Blizzard has ever made. My dad & I constantly saidContinue Reading

Scene from Tidebreak Summit

Anxiety is no joke. But alot of people suffer, here is the story of how wow helped one person overcome theirs.