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How I Got 5 Million Gold in 3 Months

There are multiple ways of making gold in wow, these are just a few of the ways utilized by one player to reach a 3 month long goal.

My dad has often issued challenges to me over the years in World of Warcraft. These would usually be in light of a specific goal I had and they usually had rules. One day he told me I had 3 months to get the Brutosaur mount as it was the next mount I wanted. The trick was I only had 1000 gold to start with.

I also could not use WoW tokens to obtain this item. This means I basically had to start from scratch a gold making journey that I would never forget. I had followed a World of Warcraft Gold Blogger and reached out for advice, the basic suggestion was one I’d expect to receive. “Find what sells best on your server and market that” this was harder then it looked.

Frost Mage sitting on the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur in her Garrison
Mighty Caravan Brutosaur

I documented the ways I was able to come up with the gold. These methods may not and will not work for everyone, especially depending on your servers economy. It is wise to keep this in mind, but you could always use the methods as a trial and error. Find your own system that works for you.


The first thing I had done was research. I used Gold Bloggers, my favorite has been The Gold Queen since Cataclysm. Some bloggers have videos or tutorials you can read that I looked up. I even utilized some of my previous methods for making gold.
Playlist for gold making in World of Warcraft


I took a look at what professions my character had. When you have 21 level 120’s, it can be hard to keep track of who has what professions. This includes secondary professions. Most people overlook professions. They can be time-consuming, but worth it.

Since the character I farmed the gold on has Mining and Jewelcrafting, I utilized the mining. It needed some leveling anyway, so why not level it up while making gold with it? I went to work for a while and started farming some ore to sell. The best part is now you can farm anywhere no matter the skill so I was able to go for higher ores to sell on the AH.

Mage Mining Leystone Ore


This goes hand in hand with utilizing my mining but also works differently. I used my mining, fishing, and even fought bad guys in order to get specific drops. Before doing this, you will want to check the auction house to see what sells. I found that Volatile Waters were easy to farm, and on my server might generate 40,000 gold for a full stack of 200.

This would be some pretty easy gold for me, so I went to work and farmed not just that but other items and mats I would find along the way. Though when doing this, you must remember that it won’t always sell this way. What you see in the auction house or an addon is not always 100% accurate and might vary from player to player.


I loot and vendor everything I can. I’ll loot the grey, and I will sell everything including soul bound gear I no longer need to a vendor. I’ve often been made fun of for doing so, but I live by “Even 1 copper earned is 1 copper more then what I had before.” This is my gold making motto. I live and swear by it.


I also lacked sleep and refused to do anything else except what I needed to. I did a mix of all the LFRs, dungeons, heroics, you name it. If it gave me gold, I did it. I didn’t care what I was missing out on, because I was having fun doing it. My end goal was to get the mount in 3 months and I succeeded. The end product was well worth it.

Has there been anything you set a goal for in wow that you achieved? Share the goals and your experiences in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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