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Frost mage fighting

Frost mage fighting the iron horde

Why The WoW Token is a Good Idea

The WoW token got implemented 5 years ago. It was announced March 2, 2015, and there were many players who were unsure of it while others were excited. This would prove to become one of the smartest decisions I think Blizzard has ever made.

My dad & I constantly said that Blizzard could put an end to Gold sellers by selling gold themselves. There have been tons of games in the past that succeeded in selling their own gold or currency. They were successful, so why couldn’t Blizzard do it? WoW was far more popular than these other games.

Purchasing the WoW Token

You can do both, purchase the wow token in the blizzard store or purchase it on the auction house. Depending on where you purchase it, depends on the purpose of the wow token. If you buy it in the blizzard store, you can’t use it for your game time or your balance (that would be pointless anyway, right?) If you buy it in the auction house, you can’t repost it in the AH for gold. So, let’s discuss why the wow token is a good thing.

Gold Sellers

I am not sure about on your servers, but on my server, I have not seen any gold selling ads since the wow tokens have come into play. Essentially Blizzard is giving those like me a chance to sell our wow tokens and make extra gold doing it when we might otherwise not be able to farm the gold ourselves. I essentially believe this cuts out the need for a third party.

WoW Token in Inventory

Playing For Free

Some might say you would play for free, but you’re not really playing for free. if you have the time in the world to farm up the gold for the WoW token, then you can use that to pay for your account time. Currently, on my server, that would be 122k gold.

Placing a WoW token in the Auction House

Blizzard Store

If you would much rather have something else instead, you can add that wow token to your balance for games or other items from the Blizzard shop. When you buy a wow token and you go to use it, it gives you the option to apply it to your game time or your balance. This can be used for Blizzard store items or anything else you might be able to use your balance for.

In Game Shop, Featured Item

Making Gold

Purchasing a wow token is the most lucrative way of obtaining gold now. You pay $20 cash and can make over 100k gold easy. Though it’s not instant and will usually take 2-12 hours, sometimes less some times more, it’s still lucrative. If you have the money, but don’t have the time to farm the gold this is a great way to make your gold.

WoW token Posted in the Auction House

The WoW token has been quite successful and to this day is still going strong, some have negative thoughts towards it while others are positive. What about you? We’d love to hear what you think of the wow tokens and why.

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