Fri. Feb 23rd, 2024

Best Farming Classes

Farming comes in many different forms, whether it be for gold or materials to make items. With Shadowlands here already and releasing raids and more stuff for players to do, we should be considering what specs or classes to use to farm for our ultimate goals.

Remember, every player is different. This article is pure opinion based on my personal opinions and experiences. As such, I will advise you to look and test things yourself in order to make sure that you find the appropriate specs for you no matter what your goal is currently.

I’m partial to AOE specs for farming, or specs that have some really good crowd control, though others might disagree with me and aim for something different. There are other classes and specs that would make great farming specs for either gold or items.


My personal favorite is the frost mage. Frost mages have a lot going for them, one of those things is the ability to gather up crowds and just AOE them. This means you don’t have to kill each one individually. They can freeze them and just blizzard them. That is one of my favorite moves during a farming expedition whether it is for things to sell on the Auction House or materials for something I might need myself.


Druids can instantly cast their travel form, and if you go by racial bonuses Taurens have faster herb gathering. Druids may also pick herbs while in flight form, so if you are a Tauren Druid who is an herbalist! Think about the possibilities. Herbs can give you quite a bit of gold if you go for the right ones.


If you have a Beast Mastery hunter, and you spec and gear your hunter correctly you can end up getting over 200% movement speed, which could be quite useful for farming. Choosing the right soul bind options or race may also help your hunter be a better farmer as well. Personally, I love my blood elf but if I was going into 100% after that speed bonus I would aim for a Zandalari Troll, Dark Iron Dwarf, Night Elf, or a Worgen as all of those have speed bonus racial.


Warriors are another fast class. They can breeze right through old content with a speed set, and their infamous whirlwind ability. Not to mention their armor class and survivability also allows them to withstand quite a hit even in high-level zones. They may be viable to farm all the way through each expansion.

The beauty of wow is that there is no right or wrong way to do some things, like farming. Everyone will have their own unique style in how they do it and why they do it that way. So, we are curious: How do you farm? what is your favorite class to use when farming and why?

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