Thu. Jul 25th, 2024
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New Tyrande Cinematic on Live Servers

There has been a lot of questions about Tyrande since the last cinematic we have seen from her. There has also been suspicion since a previous cinematic that Elune is the Winter Queen’s sister. The Winter Queen had been asking Elune for help it turns out, and in this cinematic, you find out that she was sending people to help Ardenweald.

The night elves that died in the burning of the World Tree, Elune was attempting to send their souls to Ardeanweald. She even thought they were going there, which would have helped with Ardenweald’s anima drought. There is a ritual that is not going well for Tyrande. She becomes overwhelmed by the Night Warriors Power, so they ask the Winter Queen for help. The Winter Queen shows up, and senses Elune there obviously wanting answers.

Elune comes through and speaks through Tyrande so we may not physically see her, but we hear her and get some of the answers the Queen would like to know. These souls never made it to Ardenweald, which is a fact Elune was never aware of. The souls ended up going to the Maw instead. She could sense the distress of the Winter Queen.


Some people believe that Elune supported the Burning of Teldrassil from start to finish to get the souls quickly to the maw. However, her phrasing “In the wake of tragedy” also implies that she did not support Sylvanas’s actions. She only tried to salvage what she could, and send victims to her sister.

Elune’s Cycle of Death

Elune possibly that the cycle of death was broken she did not know souls were being sent to the Maw. Or is it possible she just wasn’t aware that the night elves were going to the Maw? It is possible that this could be why she denied Tyrande victory in the previous cinematic we saw for 9.1 and the battle for Ardenweald. This may even explain why Delaryn and Sira Moonwarden were bitter against Elune, feeling like they were abandoned.

Winter Queen’s Sister

When the Queen saved Ysera, she called Ysera “My sister’s pet.” Does this mean that Ysera was also ferried over to help Ardenweald? This cinematic we saw today does confirm those suspicions but brings many more questions we can only hope for answers in the future. Elune has been a diety for many expansions, but now we’ve linked here to a Pantheon of Death and even given her some form of mortality, maybe as she has a sister. Hopefully, we can learn more about her, and maybe actually see what she looks like in a future patch or expansion.

Tyrande’s Choice

Seeing as Tyrande invoked Elune, she had to make a choice. She could choose renewal and help Ardenweald, or Vengeance. Elune left behind a tear, that would be used to become the new sigil for Ardenweald. Tyrande ended up choosing renewal. We learn in the post-cinematic dialogue that Tyrande was aware of the dialogue between Elune and The Winter Queen.

Tyrande appears at peace with Elune’s explanation for how she handled Teldrassil and using the Night Elves’ death as a sacrificial resource. What do you think will happen next? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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