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Communication in Guilds

In a guild, if you want to run a guild successfully, there must be communication. We are not talking about casual conversation. Your officers must know what they expect of them upfront. Your guild members must be aware of the rules. Without communication, guilds tend to fall apart.

Officers should communicate with guildees just as the guild master should communicate what is expected of members. The type of guild you are depends on what and how you might need to communicate. Communication doesn’t only start when a player is in the guild, but before the member even joins the Guild.

The type of your guild and what you guys do should be mentioned in the guild ad. Communication is also an essential part of getting a good guild to grow. For instance, In any of my guilds, we will not be a raiding guild and I make sure to let everyone know up front, we are not a raiding guild, nor will we ever be. I’m not a raider, so I’m not going to run a raiding guild. I make this point clear to members looking for a guild to join.


I do let my officers know that if they would like to set up a raid team they will have to follow specific guidelines that all my officers are aware of. We hold meetings for both members and officers and give them all a chance to talk at these meetings. This way it opens this line of communication. It gives members a chance to tell us what they think could change or bring up any issues. They know that my officers and I are listening to them. As much as they need to listen, you also need to listen to your members.

Drama in Guilds

Drama is minimal in my guild because they understand. I have this thing where you will not call out someone out in guild chat and basically say “You suck” instead you might say something like “hey, I noticed your DPS is not as high as it could be. Do you mind if I offer some pointers?” If the other player responds with “No” Then the next response would be “Ok, well if you change your mind let me know!” My guild members and officers know this is what is expected then they even treat outside players the same.

Growing Guilds

Many people want a good growing guild or an active guild. Active does not necessarily mean players who log in and play but also an active guild chat. If you join a small guild that is always talking amongst themselves, helping each other out, or holding an everyday conversation, you are more apt to stay. If you’re in a guild whether big or small, that has an inactive guild chat with 10-20 members online who don’t even talk you’re probably not going to stay!

Social Aspect

The game is created to be social and most people nowadays will join guilds for the social aspect. In a guild with good communication, you can develop long lasting friendships that will follow you for years to come even if you quit the game or the other person quits the game.


Communicate with your guild what is and is not expected of them, choose officers who understand this and are able to be both a friend and an enforcer to the rest of the guild and encourage communication with the guild and the guild members/officers as well.

Communication is the key to any guild, whether it is big or small. How does your guild communicate? Have you left guilds in the past due to horrible communication? Please let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.

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