Thu. Jul 25th, 2024
Blood elf at the barber shop

Barber Shop

Why we Need a Portable Barber Shop Mount

We have some great mounts out there, a repair mount, an auction house mount, and even a transmog mount. Each one was equally expensive for the expansion they were in, the AH mount can’t be acquired anymore, as far as I know. I am unaware if you can purchase it at the Black Market Auction House. We are only missing a barbershop mount.

There is nothing like wiping in a raid and finding out you need repairs. Then you or another party member whip out the repair mount so you can repair your armor. What about being in a place with no auction house, your bags get full so you need to dump them? You can just mount up on your AH mount and start selling things no matter where you are.

Not everyone changes their character’s hair or looks often, but I have OCD and with me, I do. Every other level I change my character’s level (or whenever they would generally go to their trainer). For me, this is why I think a portable Barber Shop Mount would be great.

Barber Shop

The barbershop was implemented in Patch 3.0.2 during Wrath of The Lich King. This would allow players to change their hairstyles, colors, and a few other customizations. In time we have gained multiple other options such as being able to choose the jewelry for a blood elf or have different color eyes.

Out of City Barbershop

I get it, Blizzard Entertainment wants players to be in the city, but there are plenty of times we will be. For a player like me, who is constantly changing hair or looks having a mobile barbershop would be a dream come true. This would mean I wouldn’t have to make the trek back. Yes, you can consider me a lazy player. I admit it ~ Using a level guide, or taking shortcuts when I can.

Mount Collectors

A mount collector would definitely go after having one of these mounts. No matter the cost, many players have time or money to grind and can easily get themself one. It took me 3 months to go from 0 to 5 million for the portable auction house mount, I would surely do the same for a Portable Barbershop.

Just Because Mobile Barbershop

Another reason I think we need a portable barbershop mount is literally just because. I don’t think we always need a reason outside of convenience. Having a barbershop mount would literally just be cool, if not convenient for players like me. Though sometimes it seems like I am the only one who frequents the barbershop this often, I still say we should have one just because it would be cool.

Where do you stand on having a portable barbershop mount? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below

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