Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Dragonflight: Kalecgos Gets a New Model

In Dragonflight expansion, Kalecgos will be getting a brand new model. He got added to the game in 2007. His characters have been updated over the years.

He was the first boss in of Sunwell plateau. This was due to becoming corrupted by the dreadlord, Sathrovarr. We also saw his Night Elf visage though his current visage looks like a human one.

Kalecgos Model Updates

This would not be the first time Blizzard would give us new model updates. It likely won’t be the last either. Recently we have seen Sylvanas go through at least 3 model updates throughout the course of Shadowlands. In Dragonflight, both of Kalecgos’s models will be getting an update.

Potential Updates

This makes us wonder if there will be future updates for other former dragon aspects. It seems that some updates might be overdue as many of them have had the same model for years now. With an expansion focusing slowly on them, you would think updates would be done.

Community Requests

A quick google search on Kalecgos new model to see if there was any other information that could be included, shows that players have been asking for a new model for quite some time and now Blizzard is happy to oblige the community requests.

What do you think of Kalecgos new look? Who would like to see updated as well in Dragonflight?

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