Fri. Apr 19th, 2024
World of Warcraft


Dragonflight’s New Talent System

There is going to be a new talent system in Dragonflight and a lot of players are asking questions about it. The developers discussed this in further detail on the forums and in interviews. The majority of nodes are 1 point with some maxing at 2-3 points in that node. Multi-rank talents will be mostly passive.

When you hit the max level at 70, you will have filled out approximately two-thirds of the talent tree. Though Blizzard admits that it is too early for a lot of specifics and is unable to post complete trees yet for people to see, they are willing to discuss some of the information with us.

Blizzard is still experimenting with drafting trees. The game has a lot more custom abilities and bonuses to award in a tree than it had many years ago. Multi-point passives do still exist, but most are class-specific. There have been passive bonuses that have existed in systems like Conduits, Artifacts, or even Azerite.


The passive bonuses are more complex than a stat bonus but simpler than what would currently be a level 50 passive talent or a legendary. 3-point passives still have important purposes for doing things like balancing paths.

Percentage of Tree

The expectation is that once someone hits a max level, they would have roughly 2/3 of the tree-filled out. People will have quite a lot of stuff and that would be fine, considering the tree contains many different things. They will have basic abilities/bonuses that many players of a specific spec will have.

Advanced Optional Bonuses

Players will need to spend enough points to have some things from all of the categories. Enough of the tree will need to be left unselected at max level so it can make the choices between the different paths you can choose matter. The points you’re leaving out could still include some potentially high-value options for another path.

Saving Builds

It looks as though Blizzard would like to arrange it to save builds so someone else could load in your build already filled out. It is still too early to discuss this, so we shall see if happens this expansion or sometime in the future. The talent system becomes available at level 10 when you pick your spec, so similar to what we already experienced.

The Evoker will have their talents gated behind quests, much like Death Knights. This is due to them starting at level 58. In Dragonflight pre-patch you will have 51 talent points to spend. The talent points will be 26 in your class and 25 in your specialization tree.

What do you think of the new talent system coming to Dragonflight? Are you excited?

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