Wed. May 22nd, 2024


New Expansion Revealed: Dragonflight

There have been recent leaks and rumors that the next expansion would bring us to the Dragon Isles, which Wrathion has been looking for. The Dragon Isles are the ancestral home of the dragonkind. Dragonflight was revealed to be the ninth expansion for World of Warcraft. It is time for a new era, the era of dragons begins as we embark on this new adventure.

Dragons have been both allies and adversaries of mortals, and now they call on the alliance and horde to help them with the threats and mysteries in their home. There will be a new level cap, 70. We will venture through four new zones, the Waking Shores, Ohn’ahran Plains, Azure Span, and Thaldraszus.

New Race/Class Combo

In Dragonflight, you will be able to play as a draconic race known as Dracythy. The new class, Evoker, is specific to the new race though. This means that no other race can be an evoker, although, the Dracthyr like Pandarens may choose between Alliance and Horde. You will choose the faction upon creation instead of leveling up to a specific level first. Evokers can be Healers or Ranged damage-dealers, which will harness the powers of all the dragonflights.


Dragonflight brings a new kind flight to the game. Dragonriding becomes a thing, which is a new method of aerial movement. You will be able to fly on a Dragon Isles Drake, which you befriend in all the zones as you level up. You can customize your drakes collecting more appearance options and unlocking new abilities which allow them to fly faster and further.

New Talent System

Players have long wanted a change in the talent system. Now we get a talent revamp, where we will have a class tree and a spec tree. This means a resto druid would have talents just for being a druid, but then also have specific ones they can choose for resto. You will be able to make creative talent choices at every level and still be effective.

Profession System Updates

There will be some new updates to the profession system. Some of these updates include player-driven work orders, new profession equipment, and a new specialization system for professions. This can help you become the artisan renowned throughout the realm.


It has been at least 18 years since we have had a UI update. This new update will allow you to customize it based on your specs. So, if you have a MIstweaver monk who also is a Windwalker, you can modify the UIs per spec. This is designed to be effective, attractive, and accessible.

What do you think of the new expansion reveal? We will reveal more as we find out more information, in the meantime, you can opt-in for Beta here. What is your favorite about the upcoming expansion? For me, I am most excited about the Dracthyr’s coming to World of Warcraft.

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