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Tyrande Whisperwind

Personality Profile: Tyrande Whisperwind

Tyrande Whisperwind is the leader of the night elves, and she played a big role in Shadowlands down to even giving Nathanos a permanent death or so it is assumed. Some people might have some choice words about her if you asked someone what they thought of her, however, she always has the best interest of her people at heart.

Tyrande is passionate even if she might be rash. She is also the leader of the night elf Sentinels and the high priestess of the moon. She absolutely adores and submits to Elune in every way. Although there was a sibling rivalry for her heart and her hand, she chose Malfurion and is in love with him. She will do nearly anything to protect him or help him should he need it.

Caring Soul

Down to her very core, she is caring. She may not always show that she is, but she really is willing to do anything to protect anyone she loves. If she swears to protect you, then rest assured she will do anything to make sure that promise is kept. She swore to protect the entire Kaldorei race.


Tyrande might take courses that others disagree with, but deep down the best interest of the Kaldorei are at the front of her thoughts. Illidan had once told her that she looked like a goddess in war regalia, but she was reluctant to accept that compliment.

The Perfect Avatar

Some might say that Tyrande was the perfect avatar for Elune on Azeroth. Why? Because she is a caring and gentle soul but is also willing to do whatever it takes to protect her home and people. She found the strength needed to adapt with the support of her husband and her love, Malfurion, when she was given the task to protect her home and people.

Other Races

She is highly suspicious of outsiders from other races. Tyrande doesn’t trust easily, and only rarely offers advice or assistance. She has been known to provide only a small escort of archers or huntresses to guide visitors while keeping tabs on them secretly to ensure they would not harm her homeland. After she gets to know the outsiders, she opens up and becomes more friendly with them.

Tyrande has a deep respect for anyone who will fight by her side on the battlefield, and she appreciates the assistance of strangers. She, sometimes, will not display or communicate her appreciation well, but she does appreciate them. Over the years, we have seen Tyrande become a bit more open-minded, probably due to the interaction with other races of the Alliance.

She seems to have a great balance of judgment, wisdom, and intuition which prove to be an invaluable asset to her personality, allowing her to move with caution before making decisions that can affect the Alliance or her people. What do you think of Tyrande Whisperwind? Do you think she will play as important a role in upcoming expansions as she did in Shadowlands?

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