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Personality Profile: Anduin Wrynn

King Anduin Wrynn went through many trials. He got kidnapped as a teenager by Onyxia, though his greatest challenge was that of his relationship with his father. Varian insisted that Anduin become a warrior like him, and like his father, King Llane. Anduin even young is wise and resolute, and he would intervene to get Varian to spare Moira’s life when she held Ironforge hostage.

The prince constantly proves himself to be compassionate and thoughtful. He felt that the ways of the priest were more fitting for him than that of a warrior. While he does not have his father’s hatred or mistrust of the horde, he believes that peace is possible.


He is a very caring and warm personality. Raised to be a leader, one of his best traits is how diplomatic he is. He makes a great leader and is kind-hearted. King Anduin will do what he can to try to solve problems peacefully.

Intelligence of Anduin

The young king is intelligent and would much rather try to solve any issue with logic and reason before he tries with his fists. Although he is strong and will use force if necessary, he’d rather use words. Anduin is very serious after having been put in a role so young, he avoids playing games or joking around and takes his job very seriously.

We have seen the young prince change and grow over the years, however, we have even watched him become used as an instrument of death.

What do you think will become of King Anduin now? Will he return better than ever or will he step down and let someone else lead?

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